15 Hair Accessories for a Perfectly Festive Look This Holiday Season

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1. Textured Headbands

Adding texture to your outfit can create a much more sophisticated look. You can wear headbands all season long, but a textured headband will stand out among the crowd.

Vegan Leather Braided Headband, $28

2. Hair scarf

You can use hair wraps with your hair in a pony or half up, half down. Either way, it’s cute, and with the right fall colors, it can give a nice holiday vibe.

Twist Tie Hair Scarf, $24

Hair tie scarf

3. Fedora hat

Over the past couple of years, you’ve probably seen this hat in every professional family photo. It can enhance your whole outfit. Try wearing it in neutral colors for fall.

Felt fedora, $39

Fedora felt hat

4. Fall hairpins

Another way to create a more festive look this year is to put fall-themed bobby pins in your hair. You can simply wear your hair curly with a pin or two pulling the hair back a bit.

Set of eight floral hair clips, $28

Set of eight floral hair clips

5. Embellished Beret

an embellished beret would be a really cute accessory to add to your fall outfits this year. Perfect for outdoor events!

Portolano Cashmere Crystal Beret, $40

Portolano cashmere crystal beret

1. Beaded Hair Accessories

Any accessory with pearls looks great in the winter months. It looks like a vacation. Try a barrette with a row of pearls on it, or a chunky pearl headband, or even a scrunchie with delicate pearls.

Lele Sadoughi Knotted Beaded Headband, $175

Lele Sadoughi knotted beaded headband

2. Raised hairpin

Try a raised bobby pin to create a cute and fun hairstyle. This one might take a few tries, but once you nail it, we promise it’ll be worth it.

Break Of Dawn Hair Pin, $16

Break Of Dawn Hairpin

3. Claw clips

Everyone wears claw clips these days! They are a simple yet elegant way to style your hair. For the holidays, you can try a delicate golden texture, or you can use the classics in holiday colors or neutrals.

Famous Love Story Square Gold Hair Claw, $16

Famous Love Story Square Gold Hair Claw

4. Knotted headbands

Chunky headbands, especially with the knot on top, are right now. They are like an upgraded version of regular headbands and they would look super cute with a vacation outfit.

Champagne and Diamond Material Girl Headband, $18

Material Girl Champagne And Diamonds Headband

5. Bow Hair Clips

A bow hair clip in the right color can elevate your party outfit and make a feminine statement. Use it for a half-up hairstyle, a low pony or a bun.

Set of four bow hair clips, $20

Set of four bow hair clips

1. Celestial hairpins

Who doesn’t love something sparkly for New Year’s Eve? This hairpin set adorned with glittering moons and stars is the perfect complement to a sequin mini dress.

Astria Hair Pin Set, $58

Astria Hair Pin Set

2. Glitter Braid

Celebrate the new year with a dazzling bohemian braid for the perfect yet subtle hair accessory.

Braided Shooting Stars Around You, $30

Shooting stars around you

3. Subtle Bow

If your choice is more refined and feminine for the evening, a beautiful tulle hair bow will enhance any LBD you choose.

Lady Bow, $16

bow lady

4. Vintage Headband

Channel old glamor with this vintage-inspired headband for a stylish conversation starter.

Vintage pearl headband, $28

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 10.51.57 AM

5. Moon and Stars Headband

If the moon and stars bobby pin set was calling your name, but you’re not quite sure you’ll be able to manage a bun or style it properly, don’t worry. This headband gives the same effect and can be easily styled with simple, undone hair.

Lalaluna headband, $30

Headband Lalaluna

Final Thoughts

There are a million hair accessories to choose from. Adding a simple accessory can make the whole outfit. There are headbands, hair pins and clips, scrunchies and berets that would go well with your outfit. Find ones that are a bit more unique to stand out and look more festive!

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David R. Brewer