24 best hair accessories

Personally, I plan to never use hair ties other than these for as long as I live. They’re marketed as “no streak”, or they won’t leave a crease, but if you have your hair up for a long time, I think there will be a crease no matter what. That’s not what I like about them. For me, it’s all about comfort and grip. I can just put my hair in it and forget about it the rest of the day, without tweaking it a million times. They stay put and ensure the perfection of the buns. I’m also prone to headaches, and these are super comfortable and don’t cause a headache even though my hair is up all day. They are also more comfortable and attractive than regular rubber bands. And OH, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the creepy SUSTAINABILITY. One of these things lasts me for real month. Not only do they not fall out of your hair and get lost, but even when they are very stretched, they shrink to the right size so they can be used again. I cannot say enough good things.

Promising results: “It sounds like hyperbole to say that these hair ties changed my life, but it’s true. I sleep with my hair in a messy bun using these elastics every night. In the morning, I remove my hair, I run a brush over it, and that’s it. My hair is styled and fuller than ever. I have hair that is generally low-maintenance (long, naturally straight), but I never thought it could be THAT EASY. A note: I always use normal rubber bands when I train because they don’t always hold tight enough when I run. —Rachel P.

Get a set of three from Amazon for $ 4.99 (available in three colors).

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