4 effective hair treatment options for men


In today’s world, appearance matters, people have become beauty-conscious, beautiful hair plays a vital role in maintaining a person’s appearance, but baldness is the real problem of our people. days, it is due to excessive hair treatments, or genetic causes, and is more common in men than in women. But science has advanced so far, there are many options for baldness. Hair transplantation is the best treatment for baldness. Some different hair treatment costs are mentioned below.

Cost of hair transplant:

  • This includes not only the cost of hair transplant but also drugs, equipment.
  • Hair Palace offers hair transplants in London, Paris and Budapest.
  • Some people anticipate the cost of hair treatment to be £ 3, but the cost of hair transplant is decided based on the number of hair transplants, for example for 1000 to 6000 hairs our packages range from £ 1989 to £ 9042. But the costs of stay and travel are lower in Hungary.
  • Living and transport costs are much lower in Hungary.

There are different hair treatment cost options for men depending on their needs.

Four hair treatment options for men:

Cost for 1000 transplanted hairs:

  • Head or crown margin hair transplant, it requires 1000 hair transplants, it is classified as Norwood 2 or 3.
  • For 1000 grafts the cost will be £ 3000 in the UK including total expenses. In Hungary, it’s £ 1,390.

Cost for 2000 transplanted hairs:

  • If the patient falls into Norwood Category 4, you will need 2000 hair transplants, it probably contains 4000 hairs. And the cost of a hair transplant is on average £ 6,000 in the UK. In Hungary, on the other hand, it is £ 2,590.
  • It is a very amazing and user-friendly treatment in Hungary, so you don’t have to spend all your savings on a hair transplant.

Cost for 3000 hair transplants:

Some patients have huge hair loss, it is indicated as Norwood 4-5, the patient needs a large number of hair transplants, 3000 hair transplants are probably enough to cover a bald area of ​​the head, or if the patient is completely bald, he may need 6000 hair follicle. The overall cost of 3,000 hair transplants would be £ 1,000 in the UK, while the same number of hairs can be transplanted in Hungary at £ 3,090.

4000 and 5000 hair transplants cost:

  • 3000 hair transplants are not enough for some patients, they are rated on the Norwood 6 scale, requiring more than two hair transplant sessions, and it costs around £ 12,000 in the UK.
  • But when the hair loss is substernal it is rated in the Norwood 6-7 scale but it requires a lot of safety, can be done in 2 sessions, and this transplant costs £ 15,000 in the UK, but in Hungary, it costs much less than in Great Britain.

Hair palace offers you a free quote and you have the advantage of comparing the packages of different hair transplant clinics to choose the most user-friendly clinic and the most suitable for your hair treatment.

Other expenses for hair treatment:

  • If a patient is coming from a location remote from a hair treatment clinic, the expenses will include transportation costs, and if the patient is staying in a hotel, this may also include the cost of their packages.
  • Medication will be needed after surgery, antibiotics, pain relievers, which can also be included in the total cost of hair treatment
  • But all clinics have different packages, you can check and select the most suitable option.
  • Hair treatment requires money but also time for surgery and time for complete healing. As there will be scarring and redness, or inflammation on the transplanted area, it is best to take a vacation for complete healing.

Hair transplant procedure:

  • Hair follicles grow in clusters or groups.
  • For transplantation, the hair is taken from the section of the already grown hair.
  • The hair is transplanted into grafts, each graft probably contains around 3 hair follicles. And the cost of a hair transplant depends on the number of hair transplanted.
  • Several hair transplants require, vary from patient to patient. It depends on the requirement of the person.

It is very simple and uses the full method for hair treatment, instead of hair it offers very reasonable packages for hair transplantation.


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