5 Trendy Hair Accessories People Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Wearing

Mindful shopping is becoming a priority for many of us. We know this is the case from conversations in our Facebook group So… Should I buy this? So instead of investing in a new dress or baggy outfit every time we find ourselves in a wardrobe rut, we’re continually looking for little updates to refresh our looks. Perhaps the simplest update of all is a well-chosen hair accessory.

When it comes to hair accessories, it’s easy to turn to things you know or pieces that you may have tried in the past. The Alice bands made their comeback a few seasons ago, bringing with them a dose of nostalgia that is hard to resist, and they still prove their worth in fashion circles. That said, there are a host of other trendy hair accessories that have emerged since then that can be just as impactful.

In addition to the barrettes and barrettes adorned with jewelry and pearls, we recently noticed that many people are really getting into the hair accessory trend with 90s style claw clips, silk hair scarves soft and oversized scrunchies. . So if you need a little hair decorating inspiration, scroll down below and take a look at some of the trendy hair accessories that we love – we think so do you.


We’re so grateful that 2021 marked the return of the claw clamp – just pick up your hair and lock it in place. It looks great with a backless dress.

Buy extracts:

Marlet Large Hair Claw (£ 18)

Valet Yoko Hair Clip (£ 45)

Asos Bone Hair Claw (£ 8)

Juno Griffe d’Anvers in Watermelon (£ 18)


Hair scarves are also on trend for summer and pair well with linen and puff sleeve dresses.

Scarves shop:

Urban outfitters Iets Frans … Silky Monogram Scarf (£ 12)

Marlet Square Silk Scarf (£ 39)

Lescarf No.14 Striped Silk Twill Scarf (£ 64)

Free people Plain Hair Scarf (£ 24)


With the power to make every outfit you wear ten times more polished, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a headband.

Buy the headbands:

Marlet Padded satin headband (£ 6)

Jennifer behr Layla Silk Satin Headband (£ 130)

Custom-made good Cloud Blue Plain Velvet Padded Headband (£ 25)

COS Cotton headband (£ 13)


Take your low bun look to stylish new heights by adding cute sliders around your hairline or to keep your bun in place.

Buy hair clips:

Marks and Spencer Set of three beaded hair clips (£ 8)

Zara Beaded Hair Clips (£ 12)

H&M Hair clips (£ 10)

Ben-amon Beaded Hair Clip (£ 40)


If there’s one thing we love more than a scrunchie, it’s an oversized scrunchie. Use yours to elevate even your most basic outfits.

Shop the scrunchies:

& other stories Linen scrunchie (£ 8)

Free people Super satin scrunchie (£ 10)

Kitsch Dinner darling (£ 11)

The Bronze Age Large Avocado Lilac Silk Scrunchie (£ 17)

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