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Through Debdatta Mazumder

April 14, 2015

Dark skin tone with big black eyes, fuller lips, and long dark hair – if you think of an Indian woman, this is the picture you will get even with your eyes closed.

Now, when it comes to the beauty of the South Indian woman, this imagery gets the perfect exposure with various accessories and adornments.

Bun hairstyles for long hair

Be it a wedding or any other occasion, South Indian women know how to adore their beauty to be the attraction of the event.

The hairstyle for South Indian women deserves special mention. The way they decorate their hair according to the mood of the festival is commendable.

Super cute ways to style wet hair for work

For example: long braids are a very traditional and elegant hairstyle for South Indian women, but with a few knick knacks they make their style global.

Hairstyle for South Indian women is not just limited to them. If you have healthy hair and want to experiment with your look, then try such hairstyles.

If you find the styles very complicated, try some simple South Indian hairstyles like braids with flowers, a relaxed bun with jasmine on it.

Here are some simple South Indian hairstyles that make you proud to be a woman.


Floral braid

It is one of the most common hairstyles for South Indian women. How a simple braid can be fascinating with flowers is a lesson from South Indian ladies.

Choose your favorite flower and tie your braid with it. Southern women especially like jasmine.


Maangtika on parted hair

Part your hair from the front to the crown. Place the “maangtika” in front of your parting point and secure the side tails with a clip behind your hair.

If you are wearing floral ornaments, use a large marigold or a rose. Otherwise, a designer material made of precious or semi-precious stone will look beautiful.


Beautiful in a bun

If you are an older woman or want to give your look a western touch, there is nothing better than the bun. If you have long hair, tighten it and decorate it with colorful bobby pins or flowers. For short hair, you need a faux bun to add volume.



If you want a retro look, there is nothing better than bouffant. How to do this hairstyle for South Indian women? Do it right first.

Then brush the remaining hair and move it to one side to make a long braid. Wear a large rose on the side of your hair.


Style with wreath and garland

If it’s your wedding, you need a bold and gorgeous hairstyle. It’s an absolutely perfect look for the purpose.

Wear a crown in the middle of your hair for a royal look. Make a long braid and twist it with long garlands and other hair accessories.


Make a little whirlwind

What will you do if you have short or medium length hair? Part your hair to the side, wear stone studded hair jewelry in it, and leave your hair open.

Don’t forget to make small swirls at the end of your hair. This will give volume to your hair.


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