6 protective hairstyles for summer

It’s summer, and if you’ve been dealing with an exam, a toddler, graduation, work, parenthood, an anxious teenager, or just the stresses of life in general , chances are your hair is paying the price. Right? Your hair will reflect your overall health, and if you haven’t taken the best care of yourself, you’ll have dry, damaged locks that are likely to break.

If this is your reality, you might be considering donning a protective hairstyle for the rest of the season to give your hair a break. According to hairstylist Sonya Cohen, protective styles protect your hair from heat, chemicals and handling, which can contribute to further damage.

“These styles give your hair a break, while giving you the flexibility to build habits that will strengthen your hair at the same time,” Cohen says. “So, for example, you can still take your vitamins, deep condition, and do hot oil treatments with braids, all while making the day-to-day handling of combing and brushing your hair easier.”

She lists them below as the best pre-summer protective styles.

“Each of these can be stored for at least two weeks, up to six weeks for some styles,” she said. “Make sure you watch your edges though, because you don’t want to pull too hard and make the whole transition pointless by losing your edges.”


Traditional box braids or the more popular knotless braids are great protective styles for everyone from tweens to grandmas. They are versatile, will last a long time and you have access to your scalp so you can always scrub your scalp and keep your hair clean.

“Braiding is that style you can never go wrong with,” Cohen said.


“I love this protective style, especially when you braid your hair in the pattern like you would a wig and then add the hook. With this method, you totally protect your hair, unlike where you would be braiding your hair and then wrapping the hook around it,” Cohen said. “But either way you protect your hair from the elements, you just have to be careful with your hairline again because those braids get heavy, especially when wet, and can pull on your hairline.”


Wigs are a super versatile protective style because your hair isn’t manipulated at all, especially if you don’t have a leave-in. “However, make sure you don’t keep the wig on for too long, because buildup on your scalp isn’t healthy,” Cohen said. “The humidity that will occur, especially with humidity, can lead to fungus buildup if you are not careful to remove the hair in time.”

fake locs

These come in different types but offer the same amount of protective style. “Like braids, they’re pretty versatile and can last a while with proper care,” Cohen said. “Again, make sure your stylist doesn’t overtighten them to avoid strain on your hair and scalp.”

three strand twists

If you’re natural or transitioning, this is a safe option for your hair because, even though your hair is being used, there will be little to no tension or manipulation for the duration you are using it. will have. You can even add braided hair or an afro twist to the mix to make your twists look fuller and last longer.


Finally, if you really want to take the plunge and take the no-returns approach, summer is the perfect time to start your local journey. Locs are low maintenance, versatile, and a permanent protective hairstyle you’ll no doubt love if you want to spend more on life and less on your hair.

David R. Brewer