7 beauty and hairstyle styles from this year’s K-dramas to spice up your look this fall


In Korea, leaves aren’t just the things that change this fall. The alchemy of yellow, red, brown and orange colors spreading across the mountains and foliage signals the change of season – and a major transition in beauty looks and fashion styles. As time passes to cooler winds and longer nights, styles shift to darker, darker undertones and suller vibes. If you need a quick fix for turning your bright summer hues into stunning fall colors, here are some K-drama inspirations you might want to copy!

Dark red matte lip and nail art

If there is an award category for the most fashionable character in a drama, there is no doubt who will take home the trophy: UI, who played Jang Man Wol in “Hotel Del Luna. “Her vintage, signature outfits were often paired with a deep burgundy matte lip to portray a more mature, romantic, Old World vibe. Dealing with lost souls and ghosts from her past didn’t stop her from having looks. Another notable addition to her entire aesthetic are her immaculately polished nails with two-tone or mismatched nail art. Her character loves things luxurious and beautiful, and she literally had them on hand!

Haven’t you seen it yet? Look at “Hotel Del Luna” here!

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Orange lip with a cat eye

Another remarkable and unforgettable fashionista in dramas this year is Lee da hee, who played Cha Hyun in “Research: WWW. “She’s a skilled business executive in the computer industry, and she’s tough and straightforward when it comes to work; however, she gets goofy and cute when she’s in love! Her makeup reflected her personality with a pronounced eyeliner to show off her strong side and a touch of orange to represent her more playful character.It’s the perfect balance for chic and trendy makeup!

Watch “Research: WWW” Here!

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Shades of golden brown and red

Changing your hair color is also another great way to get in tune with the season. Shades of light brown, red and gold will match the fallen leaves and warm colored trees in a perfect fall backdrop! To concern “his private life” and “The secret life of my secretary”(Which coincidentally had the same title theme) for inspo on how beautiful senior ladies styled their hair!

Do not miss “His private life”!

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You can watch “The Secret Life of My Secretary” here!

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The craze for bangs

Bangs are always a staple in K-drama hairstyles. If you’re ready to cut your bangs, here are a few characters who rocked this style: Jin Joo (played by Chun woo hee) in “Melo is my nature, ”And Eun Dan Oh (played by Kim hye yoon) in “You extraordinary. “Bangs can drastically change your look and give you a youthful glow. Just be sure to wrap them in curlers to keep them from flattening out!

Watch the latest episodes of “Extraordinary You!”

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Watch “Melo Is My Nature” here:

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Chic bob

If you are done with your simple hairstyle and have the courage to go for a drastic, head-turning change, go for a short bob. It may need less maintenance and you can style it easily, whether you want a soft and feminine look like Shin Min Ahis in “Chief of Staff”, or a bold and powerful like Kim Sun Ah in “Secret shop. “

Catch up on “Secret Shop” here!

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Long locks

Fall brings cooler winds and chilly weather, so if you’re not in the mood for a short bob, keep your hair long and flowing – and we mean really long and flowing. Dong Baek (Gong Hyo Jin) in “When the Camellia Blooms” is the epitome of a kind-hearted woman with stunning beauty that is admired by the whole city. She doesn’t bother to show off and looks rather natural and easy with her long hair. Meanwhile, ballerina Lee Yeon Seo (Shin Hye Sun) in “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” is quite the opposite. She grew up in the shelter of a wealthy family, and her style reflects that. Her long, straight locks are styled accordingly with accessories like headbands and beaded clips.

If you missed “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” you can watch it here!

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Soft waves and a natural look

Fall evokes a romantic, nostalgic feeling, and soft waves in your hair can match that mood. Han Bo Reum of “Higher level” and Suzy of “Vagabond” are prime examples of this look with their soft, feminine curls.

Catch the look for yourself in “Level Up”!

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