7 hair accessories that sell out during lockdown

We hadn’t planned on using this time to experiment, but it looks like the lockdown has actually given us the perfect opportunity to test how long our hair will last without even a whiff of shampoo.

We are now in week nine and we can reveal that the answer is “not very long at all”. In fact, our hair seems to be getting oilier than ever right now, an isolating side effect we blame on all of our incessant fiddling around during those incessant Zoom calls.

But we have good news; the age-old problem of greasy hair is not as black and white as it was BL (Before Lockdown).

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While endless video conferencing calls may be starting to cringe, they are – for many of us – the bulk of the human contact we receive right now. But with their frontal two-dimensional nature, we see little reason to get up an hour early for a panic hair wash like we would just a few months ago. Instead, we turn to the art of distraction.

We are of course talking about hair accessories.

Headbands, clips, grips, slides, scrunchies (worn sideways in pigtails, of course, if you want them to be visible and therefore distracting enough), there is a whole world of opportunities to zhuzh your fatigue – possibly ingrained – Hair.

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It looks like we’re not the only ones looking for these affordable and impactful little details for a little aesthetic boost at the moment, with Selfridges exclusively revealing to GLAMOR UK that hair accessories seem to be at the top of their shoppers’ radar. .

Hair accessories are a small luxury with the added bonus of making it easy to feel Zoom-ready,” said Poppy Lomax, purchasing manager at Selfridges.

“They still provide a great way to instantly feel together while being a feel-good conversation starter in both new normal work and social environments.”

Convinced? Scroll down to discover (and grab!) the most popular hair accessories on Selfridges.com right now – and the best part is you can use our Selfridges discount codes and really offer yourself.

David R. Brewer