9 hair accessories to add to your collection

The return of Y2K-inspired hair accessories isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It has been refreshing to see new life in some of our favorite hairstyles. Just like your favorite hoops or necklaces, the right hair adornment can take any ponytail, curly or braid to the next level. Whether it’s dazzling edges, large claw clips or satin scarves, the right hair accessory is like the right pump. Ready to tie it all together.

What do you prefer? A dazzling snap or do you go for oversized scrunchies? Maybe you like to stack your hair clips, or break the rules and wear a bob during the winter to send a message. These interpretations of our favorite hair accessories such as exaggerated claw clips that look larger than life, clips and headbands adorned with jewels and beads to give some much-needed glam, or sherpa-lined bucket hats that have been made for the cold. These accessory updates are both nostalgic and modern, and are perfect for all hair thicknesses, lengths and types.

We’ve compiled some must-have accessories to ensure your new year is ready and prepared for any occasion.

  1. Dazzling Snap Clamps

2. personalized hair clips

3. Unique Claw Pliers

4. Bobs

5. Oversized scrunchies

6. Dockers hats

seven. Braid and loc accessories

8. Pre-packaged head wraps

9. Gemstone Encrusted Headbands


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David R. Brewer