Amazon shoppers love Elizavecca’s Collagen Hair Treatment


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When an ingredient best known for its health benefits is also gaining ground for topical uses, it results in a slight reconfiguration of everything you thought you knew. Take vitamin C, for example. Even those who dabble in skin care occasionally are aware of how important the ingredient – once known only for its place in your morning OJ which boosts the immune system – is in a serum.

But first, let’s talk more about collagen. According to New York dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman, MD, collagen peptides provide the necessary proteins and amino acids that can help you achieve healthier skin and hair.

The best-selling (and famous on TikTok) hair mask for $ 7 gives such impressive results that buyers even say it’s a great alternative to more expensive hair care treatments. “I bought Olaplex from Sephora and put it in my hair after bleaching it: no difference,” one wrote. “It wasn’t even smooth on my hair, but this one smells great and is already smooth and untangled my freshly bleached roots (which would normally be impossible to run my fingers through) and honestly my hair has never been also smooth and soft after bleaching it and I have been on platinum for over 6 years. If you care about your hair, BUY THIS. ”

Because Elizavecca Serum is not a bond repairer like the Olaplex 3 treatment – but rather a protein treatment – its formula is made up of pork collagen and keratin. While the collagen derivative is clearly not vegan, Dr Jaliman notes that when it comes to collagen products, an animal-based formula like this ensures that you get the ingredient in the most. large quantity.

So, if you’re curious about the next topical vitamin top product, head over to Amazon to try out the $ 7 Repair Mask that reviewers swear by “silky, sleek, shiny hair.”


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