An inside look at Princess Diana’s iconic hairstyles, according to her former hairstylist

It’s hard to imagine a more iconic style than that of Princess Diana glamorous feathered shag. The Princess of Wales’ golden hair inspired the most prominent hairstyles of the 80s and 90s. And today, TIC Tac resuscitated him.

But, the Princess’s signature styles were actually the work of three hairstylists: Kevin Shanley, Richard Dalton, and Sam McKnight. It was Shanley, Diana’s first hairdresser, who created her signature feather. Additionally, he styled Diana’s hair for her marriage to Charles in 1981.

However, it was Richard Dalton who took on the Princess’s full-time styling role for 12 years. As a result, Dalton quickly learned the importance of not changing the royal’s hair too often. Nonetheless, Dalton had a special method of revealing Princess Di’s instantly recognizable look.

Dalton shares his memories of the late royal

Dalton revealed he was Princess Diana’s personal hairdresser for 12 years, from 1981 to 1993, in a maintenance with City and Country. The two first met when Diana was 17. “I worked at the Fenwick of Bond Street in-store salon and cut her sisters’ hair,” he explained.

In her comments, Dalton noted that there could be a real frenzy if Princess Diana’s hair changes. To avoid making a splash, instead of making drastic changes, he gradually shortened Diana’s hair, trimming 1/4 inch every week.

Dalton remembers the princess asking for shorter, manageable hair for an upcoming trip to Africa. Still, she was worried about the media reaction to any drastic changes. “Everything I did to her hair made the headlines,” he said. “You had to be very careful. We had to do it a quarter of an inch at a time over several weeks. “

As well as following Diana’s perfectly sleek and iconic style, Dalton also worked her teased golden locks around the royal tiaras. Dalton described some of the challenges hairdressers face when styling hair around a royal helmet. “It is a jewel in the crown and it should be respected and protected. You have to be extremely careful and gentle with it, and absolutely no hairspray or styling product can touch the stones, ”explained Dalton.

In over a decade, Dalton had envisioned some of the Princess’ most iconic looks, from the sapphire necklace worn as a headband at a gala in Australia to larger-than-life hairstyles to balance shoulder-length fashion during her “Dynasty. Di years. But nothing will be more memorable than Princess Diana’s hair throughout these 12 years. Nonetheless, Dalton’s recollections of Diana’s hair history provide a better insight into the late princess’s life.

David R. Brewer