Angela’s new filtered face and hair extensions fall flat


90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem shows off her slimmer face and blonde hair extensions with an Instagram filter, but most fans don’t seem impressed.

Angela Deem failed to impress 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? fans with his new appearance. She recently showed off her slimmer face and hair extensions on an outing. Numerous 90 day fiancé viewers who loved Angela’s loud and entertaining character now find her actions quite abusive. She has been quite violent towards her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, over the past few seasons. However, more and more fans are now noticing his overly aggressive behavior on national television. She blamed Michael for his tobacco addiction at 40 and illegally attempted to hack his phone.

Even though Michael is done with Angela’s antics, several clues suggest the couple are not divorced. They are still together and the Nigerian is eager to come to the United States on a spouse visa. Michael may have forgiven Angela, but a lot 90 days Betrothed viewers cannot. Offscreen, she was accused of being an accomplice in the crime of pedophilia committed by her daughter Scottie Deem. A fan alleged that the 55-year-old meemaw used to provide alcohol to teens who came to her house.

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Still, Angela isn’t bothered by the negative comments she receives on social media and other online forums. In fact, she tries to show off her free and carefree attitude on Instagram. She recently met another TLC star, Tiffany Franco, and her mother in Maryland. Tiffany posted a video on her Instagram page showing her with Angela. The 55-year-old meemaw wore a long flowing orange-brown colored dress and showed off her blonde hair extensions. Angela also applied an Instagram filter to the video (as shared by Mom says bad words on Instagram), which added extra sparkle to her face.

However, several 90 days Betrothed fans believe Tiffany shouldn’t have met Angela because she was verbally and mentally abusive on screen. One fan said: “Tiffany lost it. She threw the shark in the pigsty.“Other fans think the new 90 day fiancé The star doesn’t look great after losing 100 pounds. She has saggy skin and excessive wrinkles on her face, which makes her look older than her age. One reviewer wrote: “Oh, she looks like a corpse. This deflation has not worked very well.“Another said:”Looks like it’s straight from The Walking Dead.“Someone else said,”When filters can’t help but look like the Cryptkeeper in a Darcey weave.

When Angela started to lose weight, many fans were mesmerized by her new slimmer and more attractive figure. However, now it appears that she has reached a plateau. Most fans have lost interest in 90 day fiancé Star Angela’s Weight Loss Journey. Only time will tell if the end of Happy forever Season 6 will feature a different or more empowering side of Angela.

90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever? airs Fridays on Discovery + and Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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Source: Mom says bad words / Instagram


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