Angelina Jolie’s Hair Extensions Fail at “Eternals” Premiere: Photos


Angelina Jolie always looks flawless when it comes to her glamor movie premieres. However, fans couldn’t help but notice some rather rushed hair extension job when she appeared on the red carpet in Rome, Italy for the premiere of. the eternal October 24.

From the front, Angelina’s straight brown hair looked lovely, with a middle part and her locks falling down her back, leaving her shoulders bare to help show off her gorgeous strapless dress. Viewed from the side and back, Angie, 46, had extensions that pulled her locks down to her waist.

The problem was that the fake hair was cut under Angelina’s real hairline, and the the extensions have not been mixed to look natural. Instead, her hair had a blunt cut down the middle of her back, with longer locks underneath that ran down to her lower back. At least the color seemed to match Angelina’s natural light brown hue.

Fans noticed Angelina’s locks and were quick to call whoever came up with the look. “Who put the extensions to my queen Angelina Pretty ? They need to be fired, ”one fan tweeted, while another added,“ Where’s the loyalty? Who left Angelina Jolie leave the house with these extensions? “

Angelinathe hair extensions completely ruined the whole look. Can’t fail to see, “complained one user of the actress’ otherwise flawless outfit and makeup, while another asked,” Who messed up Ms. Jolie with those hair extensions?

Even other celebrities have noticed. Old Vanderpump Rules Star Stassi Schröder shared an Instagram Story photo of Angelina and her hair extensions fail, even drawing a purple arrow on the back of her head where the hair is not mixed.

On the snapshot, the former Bravo wrote: “Before I say goodnight, I’d like to know who decided to give this queen unadulterated extensions. Okay, what I’m really asking is who’s fired right now? “

While Angelina’s hair was a distraction, at least she had a winning red carpet dress. the Maleficent The star wore a strapless Versace dress in silver metal that hugged her figure to the point that it looked like it had been painted on her body. It was far from the extremely baggy, Balmain camouflage jumpsuit that Angie wore for the eternal‘Premiere in Los Angeles.

Scroll down to see photos of Angelina’s hair dysfunction on the red carpet.


David R. Brewer