Barbiecore hair accessories that are perfection

Forget grandma’s cottagecore and coastal looks, Barbiecore fashion is here to stay. If you’re like us, you’ve seen the resurgence of Y2K fashion, pearl and pastel accessories and pink everything. This includes clothes, bags, jelly sandals and, of course, hair accessories. While patiently waiting to see Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the new Barbie movie, dive into the latest trend with these Barbiecore hair accessories. Get ready to show off all things sparkly, girly and pink to partake in the Barbiecore aesthetic!

Pink Satin Scrunchie

$10 at

Let’s face it, everyone needs a satin scrunchie. Not only are they super cute, but they also prevent hair breakage if you prefer to sleep with your hair up. We love that this one is a bit bulkier than your average scrunchie, perfect for a ponytail or top knot. Pair it with some clips to make the look even cuter.

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Retro pastel clips

$16 at

While they’re not all pink (or shiny for that matter), we’ve definitely seen Barbie sport retro shaped hair accessories like these before. They are by no means understated, giving a cute and trendy touch to any style. Use them to add a shine to your next pony or baby braids.

Retro pastel clips for barbiecore hair accessories |  Mane Addicts
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Butterfly claw clip

$39 at

Emi Jay is the room for pink Barbiecore claw clips. They’re durable, hold a lot of hair, and are cute like no other brand we’ve seen. This pink butterfly claw clip couldn’t be more Barbiecore. It holds even the thickest buns and it has rhinestones. They also come in a few different colors like purple and pearl.

Butterfly claw clip barbiecore hair accessories |  Mane Addicts
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The Perfect Vanity Hairbrush

$24 at

We wouldn’t create the perfect set of Barbiecore hair accessories without including a brush to look great on your vanity. Not only is it a perfect detangling brush for Where dry hair, but it comes in a dreamy pink and pearly pattern. It is durable and prevents breakage by being gentle on the hair with flexible bristles.

The Perfect Vanity Hairbrush barbiecore hair accessories |  Mane Addicts
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pearl hair ties

$9.99 at

Have you ever tried spiral hair ties? They are the best ! They hold a lot of hair, create perky ponytails, and don’t cling to your precious locks. Mark these extra large sizes from Kitsch – they come in light pink and pearlescent colors. You can even double them up to use pink and pearl colors at the same time.

Pearl hair ties |  Mane Addicts
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Hair wreath extensions

$14 at

Barbie herself is definitely a hair tinsel girl. But spending time tying individual hair strands is time-consuming and often frustrating. Instead, get the look with these easy clip-in hair extensions. Perfect for any elevated look, certainly for your next gig or festival outing.

Hair strand extensions |  Mane Addicts
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Rhinestone star clips

$24 at

As much as those Barbie screams, we also get some Hannah Montana vibes. Two iconic blondes of course. These cute star clips can be styled in so many ways. You’ll want to grab them ASAP, we predict they’ll be the next butterfly clip and gain popularity. Use two for a complementary look to cut the bangs or use them all to create a cascading look like the reference photo.

Rhinestone Star Clips |  Mane Addicts
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ponytail holder with knot

$28 at

This ponytail holder is as chic as it gets! It’s a scrunchie base to keep hair supported and tied while the bow and tails are super cute to add to any hairstyle, long or short. Try this accessory with your hair half up or with a high ponytail or top knot.

Ponytail tie with knot |  Mane Addicts
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Large silk scrunchies

$39 at

The Slip x Alice + Olivia collaboration is more relevant than ever. These Barbiecore hair accessories are perfect to get the look. We love this set of three chunky scrunchies because they’re soft, prevent breakage, and come in a variety of fun prints and colors. They won’t wrinkle your hair and we love how fancy they are.

Large Silk Scrunchies |  Mane Addicts
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Flower claw clip

$15 at

Another must-see clip from Emi Jay. We bet your favorite content creator on Instagram has this flower clip, it’s definitely the accessory of the season. Emi Jay clips have amazing quality and durability (we’d know that, as we’ve been victims of many broken prong clips) and this flower style is another example of how different they aim to be. We love the retro look of this clip.

Flower Claw Clip |  Mane Addicts
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Rhinestone Headband

$15 on

We need an excuse to wear this headband, stat! It gives Barbie and Sharpay Evans vibes for sure. Wear it to your next chic occasion and everyone will want to know where you branded that headband from.

Rhinestone Headband |  Mane Addicts
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Floral padded headband

$18 on

Barbie would like absolutely wear a headband like this if she could. It’s the ultimate headband that dares to be paired with big earrings and a bold dress. Wear it with loose curls or a high, slicked back ponytail for a polished look.

Floral Padded Headband |  Mane Addicts
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Pink plaid hair clips

$10.50 at

We swear Barbie has a matching pink plaid outfit that would definitely go with these. You can find them at ASOS, which honestly has quite a variety of unique hair clips and barrettes. We’ve already added them to the cart – Barbie would definitely agree.

Pink Plaid Hair Clips |  Mane Addicts
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Speaking of Barbiecore, we’d be remiss not to mention Barbie’s iconic pony, which would pair well with any hair accessories on this list. Learn how to get it HERE!

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