Beauty Editor’s Review of Tape-In Hair Extensions for Thick, Curly and Damaged Hair

As soon as I sat down in my chair and was offered a drink (10/10 for service), my amazing stylist showed me the color options. We went with a mix of two (a shiny, buttery blonde and a slightly deeper, warmer honey shade) for natural dimension. As far as length and quantity, I was lucky enough to get the “Chic Package” which is around $1600 and includes 175g of 22 inch invisible tape. Once we’d picked out the hair, it was at the basin and back to the chair for a sleek, smooth wash and blow-dry. From there my hair was parted and the tape in extensions applied.

I could barely contain my excitement as I watched them enter, happily recounting the color match and incredible length. Self-control isn’t a thing during the process of becoming Rapunzel, okay? ! I was amazed at how real they looked even though all the hair was still straight. The mix between my tragically split hair and the fresh extensions was practically non-existent, which eliminated the biggest worry I had. Big believable energy!

Once the whole head was done and I had a chance to gauge the length, we ended up cutting a little, leaving the ends hitting just above the waist. Still quite dramatic but still plausibly real length. And that’s when the love story began.

I really don’t know any other way to describe it except ‘celebrity hair’. Like, you just look a little famous? A definitive victory. I remember always looking longingly at Jennifer Lawrence’s long, blonde waves in high school days, wondering how the hell they looked so fresh and healthy after bleaching. and heat styling, and now I get it: that was the magic of extensions, and I was glad to know about it.

A few sufficient selfies and I was gone. The whole process took just over two hours, which was way faster than expected. I tell you, they are pros. As I left the salon, the team outfitted me with the J’Adore Haircare Pack ($220 at Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions, containing shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, protective spray and conditioner, smoothing serum, and a brush specifically designed for extensions. hair). It is a must to take care of them; this takes all the guesswork out of what will and will not fit.

The mane mantra they instilled in me when they left? To “treat extensions like your natural hair” in terms of wash and wear. It was just the vote of confidence I needed, given that I felt like I was leaving the hospital (hair) with a new baby and some doubts about my ability to care for it. Dramatic, I know. But hearing that eased the nerves and I was able to savor only my heavenly new hair. Honestly, I was offended when my Uber ride didn’t end with an autograph request. I had celebrity hair now, how did he know I wasn’t an undercover A-lister? !

David R. Brewer