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Sometimes people can overlook hair accessories in the fashion world. However, they combine style and function by keeping the hair out of your face and can pull together a complete look.

Whether you need to keep your hair in place or just want to liven up your job, here’s everything you need to know about hair accessories and some of the best hair accessory products available right now.

What to consider when looking for hair accessories

Hair type is an important factor when choosing hair accessories. For example, those with thick hair may need a stronger band or clip to secure their hair. Those with thin hair may need something light to make sure there is no slippage.

The material plays an important role in the durability, comfort and style of hair accessories. You can choose between rubber, velvety fabric or a plastic ring. The material greatly affects the appearance of the hairstyle, as well as the portability. And when choosing hair clips, there are many metals and plastics to choose from. Ultimately, you’ll want to find what suits your outfit.

Most hair accessories aim to keep the hair away from the face or neck. Some people prefer accessories to enhance a fashionable look, while others prefer an extremely functional accessory that will not slip or break with regular use.

Best price of hair accessories

The most affordable hair accessories usually cost between $ 4 and $ 20. The cheapest hair accessories usually range from $ 3 to $ 7. Mid-range hair accessories tend to cost between $ 7 and $ 13. And premium hair accessories typically cost between $ 13 and $ 22. These prices may vary depending on the brand.

The best of the best hair ties

Hair Ties Invisibobble Traceless, Original, Crystal Clear: available at Amazon and Ulta

Our opinion : Trendy styling accessory, these drawstring shaped plastic hair ties hold hair back without pulling or snagging the hair.

What we like: These hair ties pull your hair upward with an even distribution of pressure. Its spiral shape prevents loose hair from falling out. They also have similar hair ties in other colors and sizes.

What we don’t like: Some users have reported that the tapes stretch quite quickly. Others said they had successfully returned the product to its original form using a hair dryer.

The best value for money for your ties

Elastics for thick hair Scunci: available at Amazon and Ulta

Our opinion : This pack of 24 hair ties secures even the thickest hair without damaging it.

What we like: Scunci Thick Hair Ties are made of soft material and contain no metal. They also fit comfortably on most wrists without discomfort. You can find Scunci products in a number of pharmacies.

What we don’t like: Some people have complained that their rubber bands break after a few uses.

The best hair clips in the shape of a barrette

Best of the best barrette hair clips

Cridoz 12 Piece Acrylic Resin Hair Clips: Available at Amazon

Our opinion : This 12 pack of barrette style hair clips will elevate any hairstyle.

What we like: It offers six color options and two different shapes. Acrylic resin tops attach to alligator style hair clips with non-slip teeth. These easily slide in and out of the hair for styling.

What we don’t like: Some users with thin hair have reported that the clips are too big and too heavy for them. So these may be better suited for those with thick hair.

The best value for money hair clips in the shape of a barrette

20 assorted fani hair clips: available at Amazon

Our opinion : Sold in packs of 20, these barrette shaped hair clips make a stunning statement piece.

What we like: Like the Cridoz set, these hair clips are made of acrylic resin with a gold plated bottom clip. They are available in five color options and two shapes. It also features a pearl covered clip and an all gold clip, as well as four gold hairpins with various designs.

What we don’t like: The teeth of the clips are not as strong as some of its competitors, which makes the clips more likely to fall out.

Best full size hair clips

The best of the best full-size hair clips

SUNCHARM hair clips for thick hair: available at Amazon

Our opinion : Extra long and non-slip, these full-size plastic hair clips securely hold hair back.

What we like: The claw clips open enough to grab a significant amount of hair and effectively hold thin, thick hair.

What we don’t like: Some users with very long or thick hair felt that the clips did not hold all of their hair at the same time.

Best Value for Full Size Hair Clips

Set of 3 VinBee metal hair clips: available at Amazon

Our opinion : These fashionable and contemporary metal hair clips are sturdy and durable.

What we like: The metallic material prevents breakage, which can sometimes happen with plastic claws. Gold, rose gold and silver options make it easy to match with other accessories.

What we don’t like: Some consumers with thin hair reported that the clips were too heavy, while some consumers with thick hair reported that the clips fell out unless they were in a bun or twist.

Best mini hair clips

The best of the best mini hair clips

Goody Classics Women’s Hair Crown Claw Clips: Available at Amazon

Our opinion : This pack of 15 small hair clips attaches small hairs or small sections.

What we like: The pack includes five neutral color options that easily match your hair color. Clamps also work well for cutting flyaways or holding small sections of hair. They are slightly larger than other mini clips and hold the hair a bit more.

What we don’t like: While the reviews were mostly positive, some users reported that the clip didn’t have enough traction and would slide down.

The best value for money for your mini hair clips

Scunci Effortless Beauty Mini Jaw Clips: available at Amazon and iHerb

Our opinion : A popular choice for all ages, these tiny hair clips hold even small hair securely.

What we like: This pack of 18 mini claw clips includes three neural colors that pair perfectly with most hair colors. Users have reported that these clips are a bit more sturdy than some of the competition.

What we don’t like: Each clip can only hold a small amount of hair, so you may need multiple clips.

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