Amber Heard, the talented Hollywood beauty, has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons lately. Her famous libel lawsuit brought against her ex-husband Johnny Depp has become a topic of conversation in the city. She lost the case and is unable to pay the large amount that was demanded according to the verdict.

Well, without getting into the negatives, we’re talking about the positivity that Amber Heard shared via her grace and beauty. She’s been a fashionista, ready to compete with the toughest of them all.

She has amazing functionality, a beautiful complexion and it made her dress in the best of styles. She likes to experiment with trends when it comes to her hair styles. Today we take a look at some of the stunning hair styles that Amber has shown up in.

A report on talked about it and we refer to this story for our writing here.

She posed in her double hair look, with blonde and black colors.

In this gelled redhead look, she looked sexy.

She wore the cleanest bun look.

And check out her pigtail look.

Don’t you think she looks amazing?

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