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Despite the innate versatility, wearing natural hair can sometimes seem fraught with dilemmas. You kiss your hair, modify it or cover it entirely. If you’re craving more volume or length, clips might seem like an easy choice, but it’s hard to nail a curl that blends in perfectly. We believe it all comes down to quality: It’s relatively easy to research (no pun intended) top-notch weaves and wigs, but curly clips can be more difficult to control.

DC-based Kurly Klips founder Lana Boone says the ease of the music videos is an act of resistance. “A lot of us learned from a young age that our hair is tough and that we have to go to a salon for weekly or bi-weekly maintenance,” Boone explained. “And if you don’t want to do that, there are protective styles, where you might not have to style your hair for months at a time.”

However, you can simply style clips at home. “It goes against the status quo in black hair culture. People are already challenging the idea that afro-textured hair is difficult. Not only that, but they are suggesting ways to make it easier.” For Boone, it completely reframes his view of her hair. “It’s really liberating! I feel free.” Read on for the curly clips you can use to add some oomph to your wash-and-gos.

Kurly Klips premiered in 2013, after Boone made an ill-fated trip to the show. “A trusted stylist ruined my natural hair,” she recalls. “When my hair finally hit my mid-length hair goal, the stylist had to cut it to the ears after a missed appointment. I was devastated because I had spent thousands of dollars with this stylist to grow my hair to this point. ” So she searched for clips while she waited for her hair to grow. “But there was one problem: No company sold clip-on extensions for curly and afro-textured hair,” she says. That’s where Kurly Klips came in. Today their human hair offering ranges from kinky to 3c curls.

Melanj is the brainchild of sisters Whitney Rene and Nikki Lane, who have launched a Youtube channel ten years ago to show their common love for natural hair. When they launched their human hair extensions in 2019, they wanted to be able to give black women more options for styling. If you have noticed, the name of the brand is intentionally on the nose: Melanj is inspired by the French word mixed, which means mix. To find?

When British influencer Freddie Harrel launched Radswan in 2019, he was called “the brightest in the dark hair market.” Since launching its Radshape line of wigs, Radswan has recently expanded its list to include four styles of textured human hair clips suitable for different types of curls. With Radclips you can now experiment with color: Kinky Pressed and 3B-3C clips are available in a honey ombre shade, so changing them up has never been easier.

Founder of Conscious Curls Angela C. Stevens‘the list of famous clients includes names like Day beforeso you already know their line of human hair wigs and extensions is so good. The best part of Conscious Curls’ five clip SKUs is their versatility; although they each have a different natural-looking curl, the hair still holds whether you color, blow-dry or straighten it.

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