Celebrities with hair accessories at the SAG Awards

Hair accessories are dominating the 2022 SAG Awards, and we suddenly have to take a trip to Target. As some of our favorite celebrities walked the red carpet for this year’s awards show, we couldn’t help but notice the common theme between them.

Many celebrities – from Selena Gomez to Helen Mirren to Fran Drescher – have all decided to add accessories to their hair, and although they each opted for a different style, they all used them to add a touch perfect finale to their respective sets. We’re not sure if people are just excited to finally get out of the house, or if the recent return of Y2K beauty has a stronger grip on us than we think, but hair accessories have made a comeback in strength in recent years. month.

Olivia Rodrigo proved her commitment to the Y2K aesthetic at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards and wore metallic butterfly clips in her hair during her performance, pearl headbands that looked like they belonged on the set of “Gossip Girl” had us cleaning up all the Target shelves that we could find last year, and stacked hair clips helped us bring back the glamor last summer, just as our experts predicted.

From the looks of things, it looks like hair accessories will continue their reign in 2022 – and honestly? We are there for that. Take a look at all the celebrities who added hair accessories to their SAG Awards looks, ahead.

David R. Brewer