Did you hear? Hair accessories are huge right now

It’s a basic math: any hairstyle + one accessory = one party-ready outfit. (If the parties are still happening, that is. Honestly, what’s going on?) No matter how we end up toasting the holidays, a bit of disguise should definitely be in the mix. agenda. And there’s no easier way to do it than with a fabulous hair accessory. Let the stars show up.

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HAIR JEWELRY: Alicia Keys’ crystal-encrusted bun dazzled at this year’s Met Gala. Each gem looked like it was carefully glued to the musician’s hair, but you can recreate the look in a much quicker (and less engaging) way by simply twisting some old-fashioned (really early!) hair jewelry.

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THE BOW BAR: Infusing instant romance, a black bow barrette is the kind of accessory that never goes out of style. Secure it at the base of a classic bun to embrace her old world leanings or take a cue from actor Lucy Boyton and contrast it with a more relaxed tousled style.

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THE PADDED HEADBAND: Dame Helen Mirren is currently in a serious headband phase (sequins, prints, tie-ups – you name it, she rocked it) and we’re, as the kids say, very much in for it. Follow her lead and pair a classic black upholstered version with a low pony or loose locks.

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THE CLAW CLIPPER: Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner all agree: the coolest way to get your hair out of your face is with a claw clipper. What’s not to like? It’s ’90s nostalgia with a generous, casual “I just got my hair up” side. For a festive vibe, swap out the classic turtle for something a little brighter, like this mother-of-pearl option – sophisticated enough yet versatile enough to wear all year round.

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LE Chouchou: As we love a spicy scrunchie, let’s count the ways! Loose curl around a low pony (the chic!), securing a towering top knot or, like Lizzo, functioning as the boundary between sleek roots and cascading curls (glorious!). From silky to glittery and everything in between, there’s no shortage of darlings on the market. But let’s stop for a moment to appreciate the sight that is this frothy tulle number – like a tutu for your hair.

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THE HAIR RINGS: Oscar – Winner Lupita Nyong’o knows the power of strategic shine. With the addition of some embellishments to the braids around her face, her whole ensemble takes on a fun and festive look while her face is bathed in flattering light.

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THE BUTTERFLY CLIP: Yes, butterfly hair accessories are back! Raise your hand if you used to stock up on it at Claire’s. Instead of the pink plastic versions of yore, it’s now a raised butterfly. Take Saoirse Ronan, for example, who rocked a jeweled creature in her hair at last year’s Oscars. It was probably encrusted with real diamonds, but for something a little more affordable, grab these adorable slides from Garage.

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THE BOW HEADBAND: Fun fact: Ciara’s stylist, Maeve Reilly, decided at the last minute to take a piece of fabric from the singer’s dress and tie it in her hair. Paired with her curly bun, it had a fun, almost 80s feel (like a glam aerobics instructor, right?). Recreate the effect with this stretch bow tie headband from Old Navy.

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