Different types of bridal hair extensions to add volume, clip-in keratin bond extensions

It is undeniable that our hair is the most fabulous part of our body, which can completely match any outfit. Thick, voluminous, bouncy hair is ideal for almost any occasion and outfit. However, when it comes to weddings, there is an additional need for perfection. Brides love to flaunt their beautiful outfit and fabulous appearance along with a shiny lock of hair.

Although this condition is easily achievable with regular hair care, brides often face the problem of thinning and falling hair which does not make the hair look fuller. And that is when they take the help of hair extensions to add that extra magnificence. Although there are countless varieties of hair extensions to choose from, brides should choose the one that suits their needs perfectly and doesn’t ruin the look. Well, check out some of these hair extensions that can be part of your bridal look!

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#1. skinny clips


These are one of the most valuable types of hair extensions for brides looking to add volume to their hair. Suggested by many hair experts and a staple for many celebrities, this natural hair camouflages perfectly. Their clip-in parts are very thin and imperceptible, lying flat on the hairline.

#2. cuticle-remy hair


This hair extension is obtained from natural hair, that is to say the hair shaved voluntarily from a donor. As the name suggests, the hair retains the cuticles intact and is carefully treated for hygiene before being used as a hair extension. These cuticles help maintain the longevity of the hair extension and make it less tangled.

#3. crown clips

crown clip on

This hair extension is ideal for the bride who only wants to add length to her natural hair. These extensions are equivalent in thickness to natural hair and are ordered in three ascending stacks. When placed just below the crown of the hair, it stays hidden within the natural hair growth and gives it the desired length.

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#4. Remy Hair


Unlike cuticle-remy hair, these extensions are already bathed in acid and have their cuticles removed. Although they are still laid out from root to tip, the acid wash makes them fatigue quite easily. The acid wash gives the hair an initial shine, which with prolonged wear becomes dull. These are also not prone to hair color.

#5. tape ins


For brides who are unsure about the durability of faux hair on the head, tapes can provide a major alternative. Unlike clips, these hair extensions are attached using a strong adhesive substance and have few strands of natural hair in between. They are quite easy to put on and do not damage the hair.

#6. Keratin Bonding Extensions


One of the unique types of hair extensions, keratin bonds are somewhat different. These extensions are attached to individual strands of hair using keratin bonds with heat. The heat technically sticks these extra additions to the hair and makes it look longer. With proper care, these extensions can last up to 3-5 months quite easily.

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#seven. Micro Link Extensions

micro link

True to their name, these hair extensions are attached to the hair by stranding. Using a small bead, these are attached parallel to the natural hair strands, making them look like almost real natural hair. Its application is gentle on the hair and does not use heat or adhesive. Very easy to handle, they can be worn and taken off almost instantly.

#8. pearl weft

pearl weft

Similar to a micro bond, these hair extensions are applied using silicone micro bonds instead. They are light on natural hair and add no extra weight to natural hair. It adapts easily to the needs and adapts to almost all hairstyles. It can last up to 6 months when properly maintained.

Well, which of these extensions would you like to try?

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