Emma Roberts’ Pastel Hair Extensions Give Us Elementary School Disco Flashbacks

Picture this, it’s year five and you’ve just double figured, you’ve got the dress you wanted from Tammy Girl / New Look 915, your glitter polish is on and your heel is at least 2 inches. But something…is missing. The school disco is that night, and you’ve scoured Shout magazine for every style and fashion tip, and how to deftly look away from the lush classmate you have a crush on, but don’t have. not quite reached perfection.

And then you remember. You dive into your wardrobe, sneakers and backpacks flying over your shoulders, and emerge triumphantly with a purple tote bag from tween mecca Claire’s Accessories. Inside are the pink, lilac and sky blue hair extensions that will elevate your look to the heights your new double digit age deserves. All is well.

Sorry, I spent a while there. I will go straight to the point. Emma Roberts pastel garland hair extensions gave me the most powerful flashbacks and I’m still in shock.

Prime Video has shared this first image of Emma in the upcoming romantic comedy Space Cadet, where she stars as a Florida party girl named Rex who turns out to be NASA’s space program’s only hope after she gets made its way into astronaut training. Obsessed already.

And of course, for a party girl turned space adventurer, glittery metallic extensions just have to pop out from under her space helmet.

Described as having; “Smarts, heart, and nerf,” in the synopsis, we already feel like we could be pals with Rex. And we’re already coveting those sparkly hair extensions.

You can actually get a home DIY kit (with pretty high ratings) on Amazon so you can make your own.

(Or Easilocks tie daisies on Asos, if the kit is a little daunting.)

As a curly girl, my adoration for the clip in day wonders was by far unable to participate, but this home garland extension kit comes with heat resistant garlands, which can be straightened or rolled up, as well as cut to length.

And yes it’s already in my basket, I’m about to live a childhood dream. Now where’s my cola Lipsmacker?

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