Erika Jayne is launching a line of hair extensions this month

Erika Jayne is making her mark in the beauty world with her new collection of hair extensions.

The reality TV star, 50, – who has already established business ventures in the entertainment industry – will launch a new brand amid legal issues.

his new passion


Since leaving her ex-husband, Tom Girardi, 82, and going to court, life has been very difficult for the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star. However, Erika has chosen to move forward to pursue her passions, including opening a new business to be launched this month.

Erika has created her own line of luxury hair extensions called Pretty Mess Hair. Being in the entertainment industry for years, she has extensive knowledge of hair extensions.

“I have worn all types of hair extensions on and off stage, and on television for over a decade,” Erika said. People. “So I know what I like and which works best in all situations. You name it, I wore it!

Work hard

Depending on the outlet, its brand will offer a variety of extension options, including different types of wefts (stitched) and adhesive extensions. For those who are just getting started with extensions, Erika recommends using recordings.

“It’s a quick and easy to maintain product, but still considered a professional product,” she explained.

During the conversation, the “Lowball” actress revealed the main reason she is drawn to extensions. She said it helped her achieve different types of looks without changing the color, style or cut of the hair.

Why she loves them

“There isn’t a ‘look’ that I won’t try because the great thing about extensions is that you can pull them out quickly and fairly easily and still have your original hair,” he said. Erika said, adding that there is “no permanent commitment which is fun!”

The TV star also said, “Great hair immediately makes me feel beautiful and like I can take over the world! Nothing is as powerful as a luscious mane.

While she adores dressing up, as seen on “RHOBH,” Erika admitted she needs to adopt a more low-key look during lockdown season, which occurred during the height of the pandemic last year. .

“[It] was actually a good time for my hair and skin. I was able to go for long periods without getting professionally colored or styled, so it grew! she said.

The hard time was not a loss for her as she took advantage of the time to try out different hairstyles on herself at home.

“It also gave me time to play with music videos, ponytails and tapes, which gave me a much needed glamor during my forties,” Erika explained.

Opening of a “new chapter”

Erika Jayne

The business venture has been the perfect distraction for Erika amid the legal battle she faces and her ongoing divorce.

“I have certainly had a pretty interesting year and being part of a new business venture is both exciting and refreshing. It gives me butterflies, ”she said. “This is a new chapter in my life and I am grateful to step forward in a new, glamorous and wonderful direction. “

Late last year, Erika filed for divorce from Tom after more than two decades of marriage. A month later, the former lawyer and his law firm, Girardi Keese, were prosecuted for allegedly embezzling funds from families who lost loved ones in a tragic plane crash.

There are reports that the company has transferred funds to Erika’s business, EJ Global LLC, in the amount of $ 25 million.

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