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The beauty industry is getting cleaner, greener and more environmentally friendly. Brands are paying more attention to what they put into their products, and so are consumers. Especially when it comes to hair products. And we’re not just talking about shampoos and styling products. Buyers are also increasingly wary of what goes into their hair extensions. Ethically sourced hair extensions are making waves in the market – that’s why we’ve rounded up the best of the best below.

1. Luxurious Hair

Hair extension brand Luxy Hair puts transparency first. Made from 100% remy human hair, Luxy Hair offers a range of stunning clips, ponytail extensions and other products made only with high quality, ethically sourced components.

In their efforts to maintain eco-responsible practices, Luxy Hair recently partnered with Matter of Trust to create a hair recycling program. You can donate your used human hair extensions and they will be turned into absorbent mats used to help clean up oil spills.

Via Luxurious Hair

2. Woven Hair Co.

Ethically sourced in India, Woven Hair Co. brings beautiful hair extensions to as many people as possible. In addition to selling high-quality clips and wefts, the brand dedicates a portion of every purchase to fund the creation of high-quality wigs and hairpieces for women in need who cannot afford them.

Woven Hair Co. ethnic hair extensions |  Mane Addicts

Via Woven Hair Co.

3. Well seated

Australian brand Sitting Pretty make halo hair extensions that you can feel good about buying. This 360-degree approach to fine hair problems features 100% remy human hair at a price that’s still (relatively) affordable.

Sitting Pretty ethically sourced hair extensions |  Mane Addicts

Via Assis Jolie

4. Grouping

Handmade in small batches, Rebundle’s braid extensions contain non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients to prevent scalp irritation in style.

Grouping |  Mane Addicts

By Grouping

5. Ayune Hair

At Ayune Hair, ethical sourcing blends perfectly with the brand’s mission of love and purpose. These beautiful hair extensions are sourced from ethical suppliers in Indonesia, collected from women who meticulously select the hair strands for their brushes and combs over time.

Ayune Hair |  Mane Addicts

Via Ayune Hair

6. Wool

Larin’s 100% Remy hair extensions are ethically sourced and specially formulated to preserve the protective layers of the cuticle – giving hair a healthy-looking shine. Larin’s extensions look natural and are built to last.

Larin |  Mane Addicts

Via Larine

7. Philokalia Hair

Philocaly Hair takes ethical sourcing seriously – that’s why their extensions are guaranteed to come from a single donor who voluntarily gets their ponytail cut for fair pay. The result is well-preserved, flawless bits for professional and retail use.

Hair Philocalia |  Mane Addicts

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