For Frizzy Hair Treatment, Try These Best Hair Masks

Your hair is essentially your crown, and like other treasures, it should be handled with delicate care. If you like to experiment with many hairstyles and colors, it is all the more important to take care of your locks. Here are 21 hair masks to bring your hair back to life.

If you already incorporate conditioner into your hair care routine, great. But when it comes to hair that’s been through it all, the occasional hair mask is needed to protect your hair from issues like frizz, discoloration and, worst of all, breakage.

With the right hair mask, all of this will be kept at bay and your hair will thank you for it. If you’re looking for the basic conditioner, try the Kopari Organic Coconut Melt, which is not only a fail-safe option, but doubles as a body moisturizer and makeup remover. However, if you’re looking for more technologically advanced formulas, brands like Olaplex and Christophe Robin create some of the most effective formulas on the market.

Healthy hair is always the best to style and color. Even after just one use, you can feel the difference and your hair will look like it just came out of the salon. Whether your hair is thin, thick, colored or coiled, keep reading to find the best hair mask for dry and damaged hair that’s perfect for you.

Plus, while you let the mask do its thing for 10-20 minutes, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to take some time for yourself and include other self-care steps like putting on a face mask or give you a quick massage. That way, the moment you wash off the hair mask, you’ll not only have gorgeous hair, but you’ll also feel much better after taking a well-deserved break.

Here are 21 of the best hair masks that will revive dry, damaged hair:

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