Hair extensions are the style secret behind most celebrity bobs

Between Barbiecore style and skunk striped hair, it’s clear that the post-lockdown beauty vibe is go big or go home – hence the rise of super long mermaid hair extensions and a subsequent rise in bobs perfectly blunted.

The two styles may seem opposite, but for celebrity stylists, the long-then-short-then-long lifestyle is just another day of work…fitting hair extensions. “To go from long hair to short hair and vice versa the next day, celebrities braid their hair and glue weft extensions onto the braids, leaving only their natural hairline,” celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena says of the “fake temporary bob. “It’s not permanent, but it allows them to drastically change their look, and no one can tell the difference.”

It’s true: Chris Appleton, who styled Kim Kardashian’s 2019 bob and regularly styled J.Lo’s hair, confirmed that he “hides” braided hair under extensions in his Behind the Chair masterclass. But this technique only works for a few days, Mena adds, comparing the faux square to sticking on false eyelashes.

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Other celebrities, like Khloe Kardashian and Megan Fox, who like to play with varying lengths for longer periods of time usually opt for clip-ins, tape extensions, keratin ties, and/or hand-tied extensions. , Lilybeth Vargas, hair extension specialist and master colorist at The Parlor, says Charm. She personally recommends clips on an event-by-event basis.

As for why so many celebrities wear hair extensions in the first place? It is possible that their hair is damaged from changing it. “Celebrities are changing up their hairstyles for the trends of the moment, which can be a lot on natural hair,” said RPZL’s lead stylist, Stephanie Angelone. Charm. “It can cause hair damage, thinning and loss, so adding hair extensions, or ‘hair filler’, will add fullness and help restore their hair to integrity.”

David R. Brewer