Hair Extensions for Volume and Fullness | Celebrity Hair Extensions

You can probably recognize hair extensions when you see them, right? But what about when you do not do? So many celebrities (like so many others) wear hair extensions that the untrained eye would probably never notice – because these extensions aren’t used to add belly button length, but overall fullness.

Ah, the fullness – perhaps the biggest difference between what society would consider “average” hair and exceptional hair worthy of a commercial shampoo. And for the roughly 30 million of us who have reported dealing with genetically caused hair loss and thinning, it remains particularly elusive.

Of course, celebrities aren’t immune to this phenomenon, and not all of them were born with naturally thick, luscious hair. But they are ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding the versatility of extensions.

The declassification of extensions

Specialist Priscilla Valles says she’s added extensions to styles of all kinds — bobs, lobs, and more. – in order to make the hair more voluminous. Scrolling through her Instagram is a good example: you’ll see the waist-length extensions she applied to Kim Kardashian, of course, but you’ll also see how she used extensions to amp up Kim Kardashian’s shoulder-length cut. Hailey Bieber.

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Valles has not always been able to share his work so publicly. Just six years ago, Valles said she was “signing confidentiality agreements left and right.” The celebrities weren’t keen to let the world know — or even imply — that the hair on their heads wasn’t, in fact, all their own.

Hairstylist and extension expert Takisha Sturdivant-Drew also asked clients to keep quiet: “I’m like, ‘But don’t you want people to know the truth, especially young kids who look up to you?’ [Those kids] will be sitting there wondering how I to have [hair like] this? It’s better to be honest.”

David R. Brewer