Hair extensions Glasgow Four Hairdressing review

Jennifer Lopez is rarely seen without them and even Kate Middleton, the new Princess of Wales, is said to have used hair extensions on occasion to boost her enviable mane.

There is a perception that extensions are generally used to add mermaid lengths, but not so.

This Morning host Ruth Langsford recently admitted that she helped her achieve her shoulder-length voluminous style.

I’ve had extensions twice before, the first was probably a little too long and the second a little too short, so with experience I know what I’m looking for.

My hair is in pretty good condition thanks to a regular regimen of hair vitamins and a recent nanokeratin treatment at Four Hairdressing in Glasgow. I’m also a big fan of silk caps, worn at night to reduce the dreaded frizz.

The show opened months after the pandemic hit in a bright and airy building at 203 Bath Street.

Four Hairstyle

A huge gamble, but the four stylists had amassed decades of experience at another downtown salon before deciding to branch out with their own business and it’s now a resounding success.

They are experts at Great Lengths extensions, the market leader in the industry, using ethically sourced hair.

It’s the volume I’m looking for and I’m in great hands with Linda Browne, who’s worked with extensions for over 20 years and uses them herself to boost her beautiful blonde hair.

For those unsure of the process, the steps to getting a great mane are probably easier than you might imagine.

During the consultation, Linda selects three extension shades that will blend perfectly with my own red blonde hair.

A few days later my hair is washed but not conditioned – as it might make the hair too slippery to attach the pre-bonded extensions – and dried.

HeraldScotland: Four Hairdressing Four Hairstyle

Linda ties the hair using round ties which she says are the most discreet and she’s right, each tie is tiny and you don’t feel anything.

I opted for 100 strands of hair which are about an inch and a half longer than mine. Expect to pay around £700 for this amount, but Linda explains that even 30 extensions (costing around £300) can make a big difference for fine hair.

HeraldScotland: Four Hairdressing Four Hairstyle

HeraldScotland: Four Hairdressing Four Hairstyle

She has longer hair now but has used it in a swingy blonde bob (Linda advises going lighter and blonder if she’s shorter) and I already think I’ll change it up in the future with a similar style . I oscillate between liking the style of a good bob and craving longer hair.

Aftercare for hair extensions is quite simple and will ensure that they last for four to six months.

Hair should be brushed twice a day and washed lightly, conditioning the ends only. Bonds should be dried thoroughly, but lengths can be left to dry naturally and the absolute best part is that they won’t frizz.

To book a consultation, email [email protected] or call 0141 248 0106

David R. Brewer