Hair extensions to invest in to rock a variety of different hairstyles

Love is in the hair! A hairstyle can change the total look of a person. It can make an innocent face look edgy and also adds attitude to your look. But most of us are hesitant to explore with our hair because hair loss and thinning is not something we want as a result. This is where hair extensions come into play. Extensions can be one of your hair’s greatest assets, allowing you to rock a variety of different hairstyles without having to commit to a certain look for too long. Check out the synthetic hair extensions from Amazon mentioned below for a chic makeover in no time!

Here are some chic hair extensions to check out:

While natural human hair extensions last longer and are better recommended, synthetic extensions are cheaper and look more attractive. These synthetic hair extensions can imitate your natural hair and are also very flexible and convenient to use.

1. Clip-in hair extensions

This long, wavy hair extension lets you add natural-looking volume and length in no time. This easy to clip in, natural looking hair extension is ideal if you want to have longer, thicker and more colorful hair than ever before.

Price: Rs 699

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2. Side patch hair extensions

It’s exactly what you need to cover your bald spots and hairless patches on your head. It makes your hair instantly thicker and fuller. It’s easy to wear and style, a quick way to change up your look for every event.


Price: Rs 1392

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3. 5 Clip Straight Hair Extension

Channel old Bollywood vibes with this silky smooth hair extension that can be washed, heat styled and treated like your own hair. It can last up to 3 whole months if you take good care of it. To keep it tangle-free, shampoo and condition occasionally.


Price: Rs 907

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4. Wavy Hair Extension

If you want to add punch to your curls, get this clip in hair extension which is super easy to clip in and flaunt. The wavy hair also features brown highlights, making it a chic and trendy look that you have always wanted to wear.


Price: Rs 899

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5. Set of 6 Synthetic Hair Extensions

This 6-piece set is very suitable for long term use as it blends very well with your natural hair and gives your hair a fuller and thicker look. The clips will be invisible, which is very useful for those who have low hair volume and want to flaunt a dense hair look.


Price: Rs 585

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6. Ombre Mixed Blonde Hair Extension

Afraid of coloring your hair and damaging it? Then you should try this hair extension which is super cool to try for special occasions and events to make people addicted to your hairstyle. It features soft curls at the end and a silky smooth texture.


Price: Rs 699

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7. Length Increasing Hair Extension

Discover this chic and refined hair extension! Styling products and tools can be used on these extensions as they are made of high quality synthetic. It allows you to be as versatile as you want with your style while avoiding damage to your own hair.


Price: Rs 748

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Even if you are dealing with severe hair loss, thinning or baldness, hair extensions can conceal the problem. It makes your hair fuller and gives it volume. These clip in hair extensions can last up to 3-6 months and are easy to use.

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