Halloween hair accessories for every budget

With Halloween not too far, one wonders where month the year has passed! And if you’re like us, you haven’t found a costume yet. Luckily, we’ve researched and rounded up the chicest Halloween hair accessories for every budget to inspire your Halloween Costumes. Scroll, shop and order these babies quickly because time is running out.

Skeleton Hand Hair Clips

$7.99 at Amazon.com

Skeleton hands are a classic Halloween hair accessory that suits any look. You can add them to your skeleton costume or put them in your hairstyle as is for a spooky addition to your ensemble.

(Image source: Amazon.com)

Red and Yellow Fake Hair Clip In Extensions

$4 at Claires.com

Get into the holiday spirit with these Halloween-themed clip-in extensions. All the sweet goodness of sweet corn without the cavities.

Red and Yellow Fake Hair Clip In Extensions |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Claires.com)

Halloween Claw Clips

$13.99 at Amazon.com

Alright, how cute are these claw clips? They are simply adorable and we are ready to buy more than we should. Although they’re Halloween themed, we’ll be wearing them all year round.

Halloween Claw Clips |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Amazon.com)

Red Devil Horns Light Up Headband

$9.99 at Claires.com

Is the devil your favorite Halloween costume? Elevate your usual outfit with these light up devil horns. This Halloween hair accessory will up the ante on an over-the-top costume.

Red Devil Horns Light Headband |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Claires.com)

Knife Hair Clips

$15.99 at Amazon.com

Whether you’re a killer or just want to appear like you’re trying to pull together a costume, these knife hair clips are calling your name.

knife hair clips |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Amazon.com)

Halloween Spiderweb Hair Scrunchies

$9.99 at Claires.com

A simple scrunchie will suffice for those not ready to don a full Halloween costume. With these cobwebs, you’ll at least let everyone know you tried a little.

Halloween Spiderweb Hair Scrunchies |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Claires.com)

Halloween Headbands

$13.99 at Amazon.com

In the same vein as hair scrunchies, these Halloween hair accessories are an easy way to celebrate the holidays without dressing up. Because, honestly, who has the time?

Halloween Headbands |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Amazon.com)

While you can (and should) put these Halloween hair accessories in your hair, there are some things you should never put in your locks. Find out what these things are HERE!

David R. Brewer