Halloween hair accessories you’ll wear again

What’s not to love about Halloween? Pumpkin sculptures, haunted hay rides, costume parties, candy – the fall get better ? Doubtful. However, if there is one thing we will not do, it is spend too much money on a disguise. One of the most fun parts of Halloween is getting creative and getting into the DIY zone. And over the years, we find ourselves spending more time creating costumes in our closet than at the Halloween store. If anything, we just need to buy the finishing touches. If you are looking for a DIY costume idea and want to make sure you’ll wear or reuse every piece of the costume again, look no further. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of 15 Halloween hair accessories that will not only tie into your costume, but that you’ll 100% want to wear again.

Jellyfish Clips

$18 at Lulus.com

We love these snake clips because not only would they be perfect for a Medusa costume (or House of the Dragon if you’re team green), but they’re totally on trend. Dress a top or loose knot fishtail braid with these clips even after Halloween is over, everyone will want to know where you found them.

(Image source: Lulus.com)

angel bow

$22 at Lulus.com

Angel costumes are popular, easy to pull off, and fun to do with your best friends. Bows are on trend and can be worn with just about any outfit to show off your ponytail or half up half down hairstyle. You won’t have a hard time finding ways to wear this Halloween hair accessory again.

Angel Bow |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Lulus.com)

Romantic Pearl Headband

$38 at Lulus.com

Although this headband is a bit pricey, we think you can get a ton of use out of it. Halloween costume ideas are endless: Greek goddess, bride, angel. This accessory is chic and perfect for dressing up an outfit this winter, long after Halloween.

Romantic Pearl Headband |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Lulus.com)

cute cat ears

$9 at Asos.com

Everyone needs a trusty set of cat ears. Realistically, you have more than one Halloween obligation this year, so you’ll need a backup accessory to put on quickly. Make these cat ears your go-to for your next work party, last minute potluck with friends, or spooky Halloween movie night.

Cute cat ears |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Asos.com)

pumpkin headband

$4.99 at Forever21.com

The same goes for this cute pumpkin headband! If you’re taking kids to Trick-or-Treat or need a festive prop for a photo with your pets in their costumes, you need to grab this Halloween hair accessory.

Pumpkin headband |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Forever21.com)

Denim Print Bandana

$12 at Asos.com

Who could forget Britney Spears wearing her signature denim dress at the 2001 American Music Awards alongside Justin Timberlake? If you’re looking to recreate this look, let us suggest this perfect denim bandana.

Denim print bandana |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Asos.com)

princess tiara

$12 at Asos.com

We’re not sure about you but we’ve owned the same tiara for a few years now and it always comes out for another occasion. What started as a princess costume accessory for Halloween has made its way to an annual birthday tiara and finally…a Paris Hilton costume. Get yourself a tiara if not for Halloween, for some super cute Y2K hair to pull off for your birthday Instagram pics.

Princess Tiara |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Asos.com)

clueless headband

$8 at Asos.com

Phew, as if! Dear Horowitz of clueless is the Easy to assemble Halloween costume and everyone will know who you are. Yellow plaid has been trending for a while and hair accessories pop up with the pattern every season, so be sure to add this headband to your collection. This is a great fall hair accessory to have on hand.

Clueless Headband |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Asos.com)

Buttercup headband

$8 at Asos.com

Gather a group of friends to become the Powerpuff Girls. This particular green headband is great for a buttercup costume. It’s simple and chic enough to be worn over and over again.

Buttercup headband |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Asos.com)

Groovy Scarf

$17.50 at Asos.com

We love this 70s-inspired scarf not only for a costume but also for sporting in the summer or wrapping around the handle of your favorite bag. It is the very definition of a timeless accessory.

Groovy Scarf |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Asos.com)

Blair Waldorf Headband

$38 at FreePeople.com

This is the perfect headband to show up at your Halloween festivities as the headband queen herself, Blair Waldorf. Gossip Girl fans will get it and you’ll have a maximalist pastel headband to dress up your next look with this spring. Come to think of it, Cami Mendes would have totally worn this in Revengetoo.

Blair Waldorf Headband |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: FreePeople.com)

60s mod clips

$16 at FreePeople.com

Costumes from the decades never fail and these 60s mod clips scream flower power and fashionable. Dress up in your costume and wear these endless Emi Jay-esque clips once the spooky festivities are over.

60s Mod Clips |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: FreePeople.com)

witch headband

$5.99 at Forever21.com

How cute is this little witch hat headband? I’m not going to lie, it’s already in our basket. Taking off a witch costume is almost too easy and this headband takes most of the work out of you.

Witch headband |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Forever21.com)

celestial hairpiece

$30 at FreePeople.com

Free People hair accessories have been so good lately. We’ve also seen so many celestial-inspired costumes, including besties like the Sun and Moon. It might be a $30 headband, but it’s definitely worth it.

Celestial hairpiece |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: FreePeople.com)

Barbie Hair Clips

$8.50 at Asos.com

Didn’t you hear? barbiecore is trending. Rest assured if you decide to be Barbie, these Halloween hair accessories will still look so cool when not attached to a costume.

Pink Plaid Hair Clips |  Mane Addicts
(Image source: Asos.com)

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David R. Brewer