Hilary Duff Got the Longest Hair Extensions Ever for ‘How I Met Your Dad’ – See Photos

Everyone dreams of having unlimited access to super long hair with professionally installed extensions…right? Maybe it’s just me. Regardless of your stance on long hair versus short hair, you need to see Hilary Dufthe current hair situation for the next how i met your father series because it is truly breathtaking.

The actor posted a slideshow of photos teasing the release of the how I Met Your Mother spin-off, and in them she sports what is possibly the longest hair she has ever worn. “Glam with the best – it’s been so much fun doing press for HIMYF – my heart is full and it feels so good to be out there in the world again promoting something I’m so proud of… with that giant mane,” Duff captioned the post.

She credits LA hairstylist Nikki Lee — Duff’s longtime straight stylist — for the “giant mane,” which goes down to her waist and is voluminous enough to cover her front from shoulder to shoulder. Lee confirmed on his own Instagram that the extensions are from Great Lengths (which I’ve had before. I can confirm: they are luxurious).

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In short, I’m drooling. There is length. There is dimension. There is a full-fledged fullness to this hair. I’m a dark brunette with a chin length bob so this will hardly ever happen, but I’ll be dreaming of having Duff’s hair for months (OK, probably weeks until I find another hairstyle celebrity to focus on).

If you want to see Duff’s glorious extensions in action, you can watch how i met your father on Hulu on January 18. Since I hate almost all reboots and spinoffs, I honestly had no intention of watching it — but after seeing that hair… I might be tempted after all.

David R. Brewer