How To Wear 90s Hair Accessories Like a Trendy Girl


All things of the ’90s have a moment, and hair accessories are no exception. Velvet scrunchies, butterfly clips and trendy headbands are some of the nostalgic on-trend IRL and social media items. As a result, they reappear as a staple in beauty vanities, despite how much you might have hated them back in the day (staring at yourself, combing headbands).

Celebrities and fashion influencers are leading the charge by reintegrating ’90s hair accessories into their daily routines. Just recently, Kourtney Kardashian debuted the aforementioned stretchy headband on her Instagram Story. the chick The founder bought the infamous accessory from Claire’s (what a throwback) and felt inclined to test it out on the drive home.

If you hesitate to find your old favorites for fear of turning yourself into a childish version of yourself, fear not! A lot 90s hair accessories are back in fashion, so surely there is an option to suit your specific aesthetic, whether playful or sophisticated. While the mention of claw clips, oversized scrunchies, and colorful butterfly clips may rekindle not-so-good memories of that cranky pre-teen era, these accessories have received a chic and must-have update.

For inspiration, browse this comprehensive guide to wearing the trend with charm, grace and elegance.

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Claw pliers

The claw clip is an easy (and chic!) Way to easily elevate your ensemble in the style of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s relaxed and cool updo.

Oversized scrunchies

It’s hard to go wrong styling an oversized scrunchie in 2021. When in doubt, get inspiration from Dua Lipa. The hitmaker is known to match her hair accessory with her outfit – as seen below.

Clip-on barrettes

Clip-on barrettes are everywhere on social networks. So many accessory lovers wear one on both sides, just like the Saweetie trend.

Butterfly hair clips

Butterfly clips aren’t for everyone, but it’s hard to deny that the Caboodle clip is ubiquitous adorable.

Wide jersey headbands

Wide, sporty jersey headbands are a must-have for fashion girls, just as perfect for pairing with designer items as they are for washing your face at night.

Comb tooth headbands

Of course, this accessory may have marked you in your childhood, but they are back and deserve to be integrated into your beauty look as an adult. Look how sophisticated he is with a white tank top and minimalist jewelry.

Printed scarves

Whether you mix or match a print scarf of your choice with your ensemble, it is sure to make an eye-catching statement.


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