I did these three mermaid hairstyles using a full range of hair worth £100

This year’s big hair trend is the mermaid wave – and what better way to achieve the look than with Mermade Hair themselves.

The longer and wavy the look, the better for me – so with my newly fitted micro ring extensions, I really wanted to try the natural, beachy look.

The Mermade Hair range I tested includes the Quick Dry Brush (£11), Pony Kit (£19), Pink Claw Clip (£5) and the wonderful Pro Waver with 32mm barrels (£59 ) – all for the sum of £94. .

With many events/places to visit over the past two weeks, I’ve been able to play around with the styling kit and I’m really, really impressed.

Watch a

Mermade Hair

You can tell in this style it’s a much fluffier wave.

I waved smaller sections and brushed lightly for a fuller, thicker style.

I love these waves for a more casual daytime look – and this style just needs some touch up bangs, a spritz of dry shampoo and can last up to 4-5 days.

As with any hair tool, it depends on the thickness, coarseness and general health of your hair on how it will style/hold up in the heat.

I have fairly fine hair but a lot – so I feel like mine can hold styles just fine.

look two

After a spa break with my mom for our birthdays, I created this wet, wavy look with lots of oils

I want to redo this look with a few more products.

But, as far as I’m concerned, I was pretty happy with how this look turned out.

I had a bottle of Moroccan oil (100ml available from Look Fantastic for £32.85), with me and lathered up a LOT of it when I styled it.

I didn’t keep the wave in my hair too long with this look, I wanted a sleeker look with just a subtle wave.

The best thing about creating this look is that no amount of oil is too much – the shinier and healthier your hair, the better!

look three

I really enjoyed creating look three.

I was invited to the fabulous Oh Polly London fashion week show, so the Mermade hair wave came in really handy to give me an on-trend style.

I kept my bangs back in a half up, half down, then just waved towards the ends for that natural finished result.

The verdict of the Mermade hair range…

I haven’t stopped using it.

The quick-drying brush is a godsend for my new extensions – I feel like a lot of brushes aren’t the best suited for detangling, but this one does it without pulling too hard.

Also, I’m OBSESSIONED with the claw clip – it’s such an old school product but has made a comeback.

It’s best to just do these laid back, relaxed looks with a few strands of hair pulled back through the front section.

The waver helped me find a style that honestly doesn’t need a lot of editing because the more you wear it, the more laid back and pretty the waves get.

David R. Brewer