Influencer Ms Hinch Shares 2p Hair Extensions Storage Hack Using Poop Bags

Influencer Ms. Hinch is known for her cleaning and organizing tricks that have earned her over 4.2 million Instagram fans.

The mum-of-two, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, even published a book with her cleaning tips and tricks inside.

But Sophie’s latest suggestion is not about cleaning, it’s about how she tidies up her hair extensions.

We’ve all been there if you like wearing hairpieces – hang them up, lay them flat? It’s hard to keep them from getting tangled in a drawer.

But, Ms Hinch took to her Instagram Stories this morning to shed some light on her method of storing her hair extensions without them getting stuck or damaged.

She showed off her extensions

First, she showed off her Beauty Works blonde hair extensions which hung in a plastic bag that contained a hanger with clips.

This allows her to hang her extensions so they stay stylish and loose.

But, she went to show where her other expansions are also kept.

While posting a video, she opened her vanity cabinet to show four yellow plastic bags.

Commenting, she wrote: “I don’t think Beauty Works would approve, but this is how I store my different types of clips in hair extensions.

“BAGS Poop !!”

She uses cheap bags to keep them separate
She uses cheap bags to keep them separate

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Ms. Hinch had carefully put her hair in dog poop bags and tied them up to keep it secure and separate.

This is actually a really good tip, and given that dog bags cost around £ 1.15 for 50 at Sainsbury’s – that’s around 2p a bag – it’s also economical!

Sophie shared plenty of tips before including how to make a pair of stylish DIY style nesting tables.

Plus, she even claimed that putting Zoflora on a sanitary napkin and sticking them around your home can add scent to the space for less.

What’s your favorite house trick? Tell us in the comments…

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