Insert Name Here x Raye Collaboration Features Raye Hair Extensions

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When Insert Name Here burst onto the market in 2018, fans jumped at the chance to slip into a new version of themselves complete with ponies, buns and clip-in bangs. Over the past few years, INH has expanded into haircare, accessories, merchandising, and seriously cute collaborations. The last? Raye Raye x INH, a collection of curly and kinky hairpieces created by beauty content creator Raye Boyce. Now anyone can achieve the same fun, natural hairstyles in just minutes.

“This collection means a lot to me because it’s a symbol of revitalization, of embarking on a new journey, of exploring new things,” Raye said in a statement. “For this collab, I chose styles that embodied the woman I grew up and continue to become. May they add to your own confidence, beauty, power and radiance as they did for me. Raye has been sharing his killer hairstyles with his 1.5 million Instagram followers for years, so you to know she knows what she is talking about.

The collection includes two versatile pieces that can be worn in so many different ways, plus a really cute scarf for a pop of color. It’s virtually impossible to have a bad day with these fake ponies. Like most INH collabs, we expect this one to sell out, so hurry up and grab them all below. Also, right now, you can get the hair scarf for free with a $70 purchase, and you can get both extensions in one bundle for $18.20 off.



The only Raye named after herself is 22″, half up, half down with deep waves. It’s a nod to one of her favorite hairstyles and based on INH’s Chloe Raye comes in 11 shades and the real Raye is wearing Black Brown with Chunky Highlights, above.

inh Hai



This kinky curly 22″ pony was named after Raye’s daughter, Zoe. It can be worn in a high, low or medium ponytail and comes in eight shades.

my hair


Raye Raye x INH Scarf

Maintain your style, add color to your hair or wear this palm print scarf as a shirt.

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