Internet drags man for throwing his girlfriend’s hair accessories into the ocean

Commenters on a viral internet post have been stunned after a woman explained why she expects her boyfriend to pay to replace his vast collection of hair accessories.

In a viral Reddit post posted to r/AmITheA**hole, Redditor u/QueSerra5 (otherwise known as the original poster, or OP) said she has a large number of bobby pins, headbands, and hair clips. fun shapes and bright colors. and side combs until her boyfriend’s embarrassment causes him to throw the accessories into the ocean.

Entitled, “[Am I the a**hole] for wanting my boyfriend to pay me for the hair accessories he threw away?” the virus Publish received over 7,300 votes and nearly 1,400 comments in the past 10 hours.

Writing that she’s 27, the original poster said some people in her life, including her boyfriend, consider her affinity for hair accessories “childish.”

“He thinks I wear them excessively and says they make me look like a teenager,” she wrote. “He complains about being too embarrassed to take me or go anywhere with me because of my hair accessories.”

“He gave me an ultimatum that he wasn’t going anywhere with me unless I stopped wearing this stuff but I refused,” she continued.

Recently, the original poster said her boyfriend invited her to his sister’s birthday party, but added that he “freaked out” when she told him she was planning to wear her hair accessories. Following her refusal to leave the props at home, the original poster also said she had made a shocking discovery.

“The next day I found out he had taken my entire collection and thrown it into the sea,” she wrote. “I was so angry that I completely unloaded on him.”

“He told me to stop being childish and start acting my age,” she continued. “I yelled at him demanding that he pay me for the whole collection and he said he could only offer to buy me Scruchie colorless[s] what women my age wear.”

“His family got involved and his mum offered to pay me but I refused to let her and told her [that] his son is the one who dumped him,” she added. “He kept refusing saying it wasn’t worth fighting for and that I should learn to step out of my comfort zone and try. new things…his argument is that it impacts his public image too.”

Editors were quick to defend a woman who said her boyfriend dumped her collection of hair accessories in the ocean.
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In a January issue of SlateIn the “Dear Prudence” column, a woman detailed her husband’s propensity to throw away food, hand-painted gift boxes and other giveaways in the name of minimalism.

Jenée Desmond-Harris, Slate’s “Dear Prudence” writer responded that, aside from the environmental benefits of minimalism, throwing away a partner’s possessions can serve as a major red flag, even in a 20-year marriage.

“It is not acceptable for him to throw away things that are also your property…without your approval,” Desmond-Harris wrote. “It borders on theft, and I worry what such a habit reveals about his respect for you and your preferences.”

Respect is the cornerstone of all healthy relationships. A lack of respect, on the other hand, is often indicative of the exact opposite.

Earlier this year, listed 20 signs of disrespect in relationships and offered advice on how couples can deal with it.

Included in the list were many harmful behaviors, including belittling opinions, belittling, mocking a partner’s appearance, weaponizing insecurities, and constant attempts to alter core personality traits.

Throughout the comments section of the viral Reddit post, many Redditors commented that the original poster’s boyfriend exhibited most, if not all, of these behaviors and encouraged OP to re-evaluate his relationship accordingly. .

“[Not the a**hole]“, wrote Redditor u/VixNeko in the main comment of the post, which received more than 13,000 votes.

“This man is not for you and it is him [who] needs therapy for whatever is bothering him because it is not normal behavior. You’re not obsessed with your partner’s fashion choices like that,” they continued. “You’re going to hear this a lot, but I really think you should reconsider this relationship.”

Redditor u/be4ifallsaveme, whose response received nearly 3,000 votes, pushed back against the idea that the original poster’s hair accessories are “childish” and speculated about her boyfriend’s destructive actions.

“It’s ‘playing your age’ to know your style and what you like and defend it,” they commented. “You are absolutely [not the a**hole].”

“His image is affected? Please he is so immature,” they added. “He acts like a child who, after not getting what he wants, throws[s] a tantrum and destroys things. It’s abusive, red flags galore.”

In a separate comment, which received nearly 2,000 votes, Redditor u/Feeling_Ad_5309 explicitly told the original poster to part ways with her boyfriend.

“[Not the a**hole]. And please throw it away,” they began. “1. He destroyed your property that you paid for 2. Refuses to refund you 3. Doesn’t accept you for the things you love 4. Gives in to other people’s opinions of you 5. Doesn’t defend you but instead takes sides with them 6 His public image is more important to him than supporting his [girlfriend].”

“I repeat, please dump him,” they added.

Newsweek contacted u/QueSerra5 for comment.

David R. Brewer