Jennifer Aniston Flaunts All Her Sexy Hair Styles

Jennifer Aniston has had quite a career herself. It should come as no surprise that a woman who has been around for so long has gone through many phases. This includes several different hair phases.

It turns out that the old Friends and current The morning show star has photos of several of these phases. In fact, not only did she decide to put a ton of these photos on her Instagram, but she also asked her fans to know which of her styles was the best.

“Choose your player”

Along with the many photos of Jennifer Aniston in different hairstyles, there was a caption. “Choose your reader” she wrote. “Hairdressing edition.”

Some of the styles and looks the Friends star posted were easily recognizable. This included a photo from when she was still watching this incredibly popular sitcom.

It also appears that some of the images are from one of his first film appearances, The good girl. Another image appears to date from when she played her first real “villain” in Horrible bosses.

There are a ton of other images throughout his career and it’s clear that some of these are from an era, but can’t necessarily be attributed to one project or another, unless you don’t be one of Jennifer Aniston’s most devoted fans.

Jennifer Aniston / Instagram

Jennifer Aniston leaves it to her fans

Ultimately, the film and TV actor decided she wanted to know from her fans, which of her hairstyles over the years was the one they liked the most.

It’s no surprise that there were a lot of people willing to weigh in on who was the best.

It wasn’t just his fun of the mill-followers that decided they wanted to play the game. Some fairly well-known followers joined in on the action as well.

This included Rachel Mansfield, who was also one of the first to respond. Unsurprisingly, she said she had a predictable favorite.

“Rachel forever and ever,” she wrote.

Several Jennifer Aniston fans agreed with this. Although oddly enough, a few of them agreed that “The Rachel” was the best hairstyle the actress has ever worn, while also appearing to be confused as to what that hairstyle was.

Jennifer Aniston's Hair

More than a few fans have claimed that he was not included in the group, while not seeming to understand that he was indeed included. It seems the actor wanted to make sure that those who liked the style really got to know what it was, as it wasn’t among the first images in the collage.

It also appears that at least a few hours after her first Instagram post, there wasn’t much of a consensus as Jennifer Aniston fans seem to like the style she’s wearing at one point.

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