Jennifer Lopez Looks Amazing With XXL Tan Blonde Hair Extensions


Jennifer Lopez has done it again. Just as she was taking a little hiatus from social media, the singer dropped an absolute fiery video of her posing in a photoshoot. Besides taking notes on how to take a hot shot (angles, people!), I’m really obsessed with J-Lo’s hair.

In the video, she installed suuuuper long hair extensions that serve up the Rapunzel-head-to-the-club vibes. To give her a modern twist and to avoid drowning in the super long lengths, she also has choppy curtain bangs to frame her face.

Changing from her signature caramel hair color, J-Lo’s hair is a gorgeous sunny blonde that shines every time she shakes her hair.

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Do you know what else is shining? His body, ‘ody,’ ody. Seriously, every time she moves her arms and legs glow in the camera light.

I’m assuming she used That Star Filter skin tone booster from her own J-Lo Beauty line, which unfortunately isn’t available in the UK at the moment.

But, there are plenty of other luminescent body products you can try instead. Here are some of my favorites …

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David R. Brewer