Jennifer Lopez shares a natural selfie without hair extensions

It’s no secret that Jennifer Lopez loves her glamour. Not only is she all about sparking when she performs on stage, but she has her own successful beauty brand, JLO Beauty, that we can’t get enough of. Every once in a while, however, she goes natural on social media, reminding us all of her flawless skin and this time also showing off a dreamy bob haircut.

As one of our number one ladies for hair inspiration, it’s no surprise that JLo has done it again for us. Unlike her signature Hollywood wavy hairstyle, slicked-back bun or curtain bangs she’s been a fan of in recent years, the star’s most recent look – posted on the @JLoBeauty Instagram account – is a soft bob.

The gorgeous selfie appeared to be without hair extensions, showing off her shoulder-length blonde hair styled in pretty beachy waves. Seriously, that texture.

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We also got a good look at her glowing skin which we think is do not envious at all (seriously, how does she do it?)

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Beautiful hair aside, we’ve totally lived for everything about JLo lately, including her rekindled romance with her ex, Ben Affleck. After being spotted together for weeks by paparazzi, the two finally confirmed they had reunited (20 years later!) in July, when the pop star-turned-beauty mogul shared photos of the two. kissing on a yacht in St Tropez on his 52nd birthday. Naturally, the post went viral, and naturally, the whole world is obsessed.

Not one to shy away from their love (which is why we’re obsessed with them), Bennifer was loud and proud to be back together. JLo even wore a ‘Ben’ necklace which has since sparked another trend, with everyone rushing to buy personalized name necklaces – us included!

David R. Brewer