Kacey Musgraves Matched Her Green Hair Extensions to Her Eye Shadow – See Pics

Kacey Musgraves never seems to miss a single beauty trend. She added her own twist to the beloved summer 2021 disco brow trend by dazzling her brows with rhinestones for her music video, “Starcrossed: The Film.” Musgraves also proved she was even way ahead of her time when she wore TikTok’s favorite new accessory, the hair garland, on a stage in New Orleans in 2019. Taking a gig in Oakland, Calif. , on February 19, the singer tells us once again that she is an avid follower of the beauty trends that are on the rise.

The day after the concert, on February 20, Musgraves took to her Instagram Stories to share an all-green look that involved a wash of neon green eyeshadow on her lids and some green hair extensions as well. New York hairstylist Giovanni Delgado and makeup artist Moani Lee were behind this leafy look.

Musgraves’ color of choice for this look is undoubtedly one of the biggest beauty trends of the year so far. And it’s clearly not limited to makeup – it also gives a beautiful hair color and nail polish shade. Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes once said Seduce that the emergence of green as the color of beauty can be attributed to fashion brands like Bottega Veneta. “They made this kelly green color super trendy in fashion,” she said. Hughes also points to the beauty trends of the 80s and 90s, which emphasized bold colors.

We love seeing Musgraves pull off the biggest color of beauty in just one look. Since proving she’s on top of the trends, what’s next – a look at the Euphoria? We’ll watch, Kacey.

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