Karwa Chauth Hair Accessories: 5 Hair Accessories That Will Give The Perfect Indian Look

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The special festival of married women i.e. Karva Chauth festival is celebrated in 2022 on October 13, Thursday. Karwa Chauth 2022 is such a sacred holiday, when wives perform 16 full makeovers for their husbands. After Navratri, women start preparing for Karva Chauth. Because these days they have to do a lot of shopping. If you see it, following your unique style gives you a different look.

Yes, so you follow her makeup, saree, dress style in different ways. So, let’s know what different accessories you can apply in your hair which not only will make you look completely different on this Karva Chauth, and your husband will also say after seeing how beautiful you look today-

1. Fancy hairpins- Yes, they are very beautiful. You can apply them especially with open hair. Which come in the form of beads, stones, sequins, cottons and different fabrics. Along with these, the accessories also come in soft yarn, which can be twisted according to your hairstyle. Moreover, if you want, you can also use it as a headband.

2. Hair chain- It can be used in any way. If you have open hair, you can apply it to the back or to the side. Can be connected. It will also look beautiful when applied. And this Karva Chauth will see a new look.

3. Flower Accessories- Nowadays, there is a lot of trend to put bouquets of real flowers in the hair. Especially pink flowers, they are very popular. Pink flowers or small flowers. If you can’t plant bouquets, you can also plant a rose flower on the side. It will give you an elegant and fabulous look.

4. Hair Braid- Yes, if you have long hair, then accessories for braiding hair and applying it to different hair types come separately. It will give you a different look. In addition, she looks very beautiful on long hair. It is available in both gold and silver. If you don’t want to do the whole braid, you can also add small beets.

5. Hairpin- In festivals, women have more work because they do every job with complete custom. During this period, little time is available. In such a situation, if you make a simple tie in a hurry, then this hair pin will be of great help to you. You can put it on your head. It will bring life to your simple hairstyle.

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