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Recently, the keratin hair treatment method has become well known to girls and women. The shiny and smooth surface of the hair is a sign of the attractiveness and beauty of its owner. Curly, naughty and wavy locks result in smooth hair that is pleasant to the touch. But before you embark on such a cosmetic procedure, you should have a clear idea. How does the hair get so perfect in such a short time?

Keratin, in other words, is the same protein with special formation that makes up the stratum corneum along with other components. It is produced by the body thanks to special progenitor cells – keratinocytes. And if there is a malfunction in their work, then keratin can become sensitive to many factors. As a result, its main properties and functions are violated – mechanical strength and protection from various damage. Keratin treatment for hair can work on individual damaged areas. professionals distinguish two types of keratin hair treatment:

By itself, keratin for hair does not straighten strands. By the way, keratin and keratin hair straightening are two different procedures. The smoothing effect is achieved thanks to the formaldehyde included in the product and the subsequent treatment of curls with an iron.

What should I know about Keratin Restorative Treatment?

The benefits of this grooming method most often relate to an easier styling process and a noticeable improvement in the appearance of curls. Among other advantages, it should be noted:

  • ease of combing, even if the hair has just been washed;
  • a visual shine appears, the particular silky softness of the curls is felt to the touch;
  • the style will remain the same even under the influence of high humidity or wind;
  • split ends will be removed;
  • the hair will be protected from various unpleasant factors (UV rays, sudden changes in temperature or freezing weather);
  • hair will lose its tendency to constant and troublesome electrification;
  • after painting, which was carried out before the smoothing procedure, the color will not be washed off any longer.

Another important advantage of keratin treatment for hair is the long-term durability of the end result, which, with proper care, will last up to six months. By the way, a number of compounds for this popular procedure can be used independently at home. Remember that after the procedure, a special sulfate-free shampoo should be used.

When straightening with keratin, the hair is treated with a special iron heated to 250 degrees Celsius. Why? Under the influence of high temperatures, the scales of the hair open up, the useful substances penetrate deeper and act from the inside. Heat can destroy hair, especially if no thermal protection is used and the hair is regularly exposed to heat.

If you are looking for where to buy keratin hair treatment cosmetics, you will see a wide range of different ways and it becomes difficult to choose one. The keratin mask does not smooth 100%, rather it smooths the curls thanks to their filling and a slight weighting effect. Keratin effect masks look like a salon procedure, but they are safer and more affordable to use in home care.

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