Liberty Poole channels 00s Christina Aguilera with hip-length hair extensions

We love it when a celebrity gives a clear nod to a major moment in pop culture, and Love Island 2021 star Liberty Poole just delivered just that with her latest beauty look.

At a recent night out in London, the 22-year-old could be seen wearing cargo pants and a crop top with her blonde hair in a super sleek style. But it was the addition of super long extensions reaching her hips that really made her look like a modern version of Christina Aguilera, specifically in the music video for the singer’s 2002 hit Dirrty – just a little less grungy and more glamorous.

Shared with her 1.5 million Instagram followers, Lib captioned the look-grid post, “Be your own reason for your happiness” – and her fans were quick to praise the star for her look in the comments section of the snap.

“Gorgeous as always,” wrote one of her fans, while another agreed that the star looked amazing “From the hair to the shoes.”

Liberty Gives Us 00s Christina Aguilera Vibes With This Look

Christina Aguilera in 2002
Christina Aguilera in 2002 during the Dirty era

“You look absolutely gorgeous as always,” agreed a third fan, while a fourth chimed in with “Look at you” along with a series of heart emojis.

Of course, she’s not the only pop icon Lib has channeled with her beauty look lately, as on a recent trip to Hollywood she showcased Baby Spice’s iconic hairdo from the Spice Girls heyday.

Sharing two throwback snaps on her Instagram feed, the Birmingham beauty could be seen posing from her hotel room with two super tight, high and long blonde ponytails – which was Baby’s exact signature hairstyle. Spice at the time. “Miss waking up to this view,” she captioned the photos in a throwback to her trip.

Liberty looked stunning, as she always does, so naturally, many of her followers took the opportunity to say the same to her on this occasion as well.

Liberty Poole
Liberty Poole’s look resembles Baby Spice’s signature look in these Hollywood snaps

Emma Bunton
Emma Bunton performing with the Spice Girls in 1997 with her signature hairstyle

“Gives me cheer squad vibes,” one fan commented in reference to the ponytails, while another completed it with, “You look absolutely gorgeous as always.”

Meanwhile, a third fan exclaimed, “Cute as a button” as a fourth agreed, “You look absolutely gorgeous as always Liberty Poole”.

We wonder which of history’s pop icons will our Liberty channel through its beauty look next. Britney or Madonna maybe?

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David R. Brewer