Look Perfect For The Party With Trisyscore Hair Treatment At Kantik Room

As we count down to the most glamorous time of the year, get ready to gear up for a festive dating marathon. To be stress free at your best, try Trisyscore Hair Treatment at Kantik Room for great looking hair.

A visit to the salon can do wonders not only for your hair, but also for your sense of well-being. Extra points if the salon offers plush seating, a calming vibe, a non-judgmental zone for discussing hair issues, and treatments that result in shiny hair that you can’t stop rocking back and forth.

Kantik Room is that living room. An extension of Korean hair specialist Leekaja, the plant-filled beauty retreat for women only uses certified organic, natural and vegan / halal products in its services that cover hair, face and nails. To ensure satisfaction, Kantik Room is also extending an “eight-day promise” that customers can return for a free touch-up within eight days if they are not satisfied with the results.

Kantik Room

Before proceeding with any treatment, your stylist will first assess the condition of your hair and scalp, then recommend suitable professional products. For colored hair that needs a touch up, re-toning with Japanese brand Number Three’s Hue color range can help remove brassy highlights. To accompany and protect freshly affected and thinned roots, hair repair is key.


Hue Gloss is incorporated into a blend of colors to seal and smooth the surface of the cuticle with added shine. A Trisyscore treatment system is also recommended to repair damaged strands. A bespoke concoction of Trisyscore products is created based on your hair type and level of damage to hydrate and nourish hair from the roots. Steam and a final rinse lock in nutrients to leave hair shiny and smooth.

Trisyscore Products

Aftercare at home is crucial to maintain the finish, so a routine of regular washes, scalp and hair cleansers, and detangling brushes is necessary. The shine, bounce, and color can stick around for weeks after, so schedule your date in time for those December dinners.

Kantik Room, # 03-15 Galerie Mandarin, 8887 8803

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This story first appeared in November 2021 from Prestige Singapore.

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