Maatha patis with headbands: Celebrity-inspired hair accessories are must-haves for brides

From jeweled braids and polki pins to diamond-encrusted headbands and maatha patis, brides-to-be are now looking for more than just maang tikkas and borlas as hair accessories. And that inspiration comes from celebrity brides like Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif. Celebrity-inspired hair accessories are now as much a part of the bridal jewelry box as necklaces or jhumkas, say jewelers, who have been inundated with requests to create them.

Alia Bhatt’s headband is in high demand as many brides want to opt for this open hair look


Sonam Kapoor wore a multi-strand beaded maatha patti with an oversized tikka jadau as part of her wedding accessories

‘Passa, tiaras, gold sheesh phool and kundan are in demand’

Usually, shopping for jewelry for weddings would mean looking for necklaces, bracelets and earrings, but modern brides-to-be now want a range of hair accessories added to their look. “Brides are just as interested in dressing up their hair as they are interested in choosing the right necklace or bracelets. Lately hair accessories have been in high demand. Some of the most requested hair accessories are maatha pattis, passed them by and even tiaras, as they are worn at cocktail parties,” says jeweler Piyush Gupta. “This wedding season, stone-embellished side clips and jadau bands have also been in high demand,” shares Pratik Dugar, spokesperson for a jewelry brand “We have a demand for passa, maatha patti, maang tikka, borla, hair pin, tiara and sheesh phool in kundan and gold. We have noticed a huge increase in demand for hair accessories over the past year. They have been the hottest accessory this wedding season and we are already getting a lot of orders and requests for these. Previously only necklaces and hair accessories. Earings used to matter when it came to bridal jewelry, but it’s not the same anymore,” says jewelry designer Abhishek Kajaria.


At her wedding, Katrina Kaif sported a double-layered maatha patti. While one patti was on her forehead, the second layer was on the crown

“Brides are now looking for versatile hair accessories that can also be worn as necklaces, bracelets”

Jewelers tell us that modern brides are investing in polki, jadau and diamond and ruby ​​encrusted hair accessories like maatha patis which can be versatile. For example, there has been a demand for maatha patis which can also be worn as necklaces and bracelets. According to Vivek Ramabhadran, founder and CEO of a jewelry brand, “For hair accessories, we have seen an increase in demand in two specific areas. First, by making head jewelry more versatile – such as chokers that can turn into bracelets or the maatha patis that can be worn as statement necklaces.Secondly, brides are now looking for a more neutral color palette. Pratik Dugar adds: “We have designed a number of pieces to this wedding season which can be used in multiple ways.There is a demand for maatha patis and polki choker necklaces which can be made into bracelets and used for other events as well.


Deepika Padukone’s maatha patti is also popular among brides

“We get a lot of requests for hair accessories from Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt”

Although headbands and maatha patis have been a bridal jewelry trend for years, jewelry designers say demand has increased in many ways this year and brides are referencing wedding looks from Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone. They plan to invest in these hair accessories as jewelry that can be worn repeatedly and want them to be adorned with precious stones. According to jewelry designer Aanchal Jain, “Hair accessories are the main focus when it comes to wedding jewelry. Brides are eager to choose the perfect hair accessory apart from the neck – lace and jhumkas. The most popular and in demand is maatha patti with headband and tikka. Even jadau braid jewelry and parandis are in demand. Many brides cite jewelry worn by celebrities as a reference. Alia Bhatt’s headband is in high demand as most brides want to go for this open-haired look and also Deepika Padukone’s maatha patti Jeweler Piyush Gupta adds: “The two celebrity-inspired designs we have the most for reference are Sonam Kapoor’s maang tikka and Deepika Padukone’s maatha patti.

David R. Brewer