My Honest GroPotion Hair Treatment Review, Postpartum

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Ok, real talk: I was totally unprepared for how my hair was going to change after giving birth. I have thick (but fine) hair that tends to dry out, and at nine months postpartum my hair changes are real and a bit sporadic. It feels more prone to breakage than I remember, and on some days it feels drier. It’s an unexpected reality of adjusting to post-baby body changes, so when I heard about this supposedly “magical” (and, above all, affordable) hair treatment by GroPotion ($17), I was totally Okay.

Meet 411: GroPotion is an all-in-one treatment famous for its action on all hair types. Made with castor oil, keratin-boosting biotin, and a blend of scalp-boosting, sweet-smelling essential oils like rosemary and tea tree, the hair treatment helps nourish and support strong hair looking and feeling healthier after just a few uses. Its sweet spot definitely fights dryness and adds shine. GroPotion is also a cruelty-free, vegan, USDA Certified Organic product with no parabens, phthalates, silicones, or sulfates, so it’s gentle on your hair and good for the environment. And that’s a $17 steal. Win-win!

GroPotion can be used in three different ways: as a leave-in conditioning pomade, as a scalp treatment that is shampooed after 30 minutes, or as a split ends treatment that you can apply before styling. I opted for the overnight leave-in option in hopes of giving my hair some moisturizing love back and really getting that extra moisturizing effect.

My experience with GroPotion

A little really goes a long way here. Before bed, place a small amount on your scalp – I focused on my hairline before – and massage the pomade into the skin. Then take a comb and gently brush the product through your hair, from scalp to ends. (Castor oil is very different from coconut or olive oil. It has a thick, honey-like or syrupy consistency, so don’t be put off by the texture and thickness. This product washes out like a dream and leaves no streaks behind any oily, sticky residue.)

Pro tip: For the overnight option, definitely opt to sleep in a towel or bonnet to avoid oil stains on your pillow or clothes. (Try the luxurious ENSO Night Hair Wrap by Vegamour made from organic bamboo cotton – this avoids any unnecessary transfer and is so comfortable on your head while you sleep.) In the morning, rinse and shampoo as you would your usual hair routine and get ready for some extra shine and shine. of life in your locks.

Amazon reviewers keep raving about the moisturizing qualities of this pomade, and I agree with them. After the first few treatments, my hair smelled great, felt amazingly soft, and looked much shinier.

“Love that it has different directions for different uses of the product in terms of putting it in the hair as a leave-in, putting it on the ends, or as a scalp treatment,” said a 4-star review . The magic of this hair elixir is definitely in the results and the price, not to mention the wonderful soothing smell that is very pleasant to doze at night. I continued to use this miracle serum consistently for over three weeks. In my hair routine, I added GroPotion to my hair routine twice a week. The soothing scent of rosemary has become a very pleasant part of my nighttime routine. That in itself was a bonus!

The leave-in option is great for those with thicker hair that doesn’t get weighed down easily. After testing this route, mine was a bit too greasy and heavy for my liking. The nightly routine was the perfect combination of hair treatment and calming ritual. No more dry locks and dull locks. GroPotion seems to have brought shine and life back to my hair.

And while I can’t say it made my hair grow any faster, the moisturizing effects made it less dry and left it fuller and much healthier. It’s a win in my hair book.

Although my postpartum hair is not completely resolved, it definitely looks better during the growth process! I’ll be stocking up on it for months, whether it’s for an extra hydrating shine or for a versatile, soothing addition to my routine.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

David R. Brewer