My mom got new blonde hair extensions but they were a complete fail – people say they look like Super Noodles

A WOMAN has told how her mum was horrified when she looked in the mirror for the first time after getting new blonde extensions.

April Watson took to TikTok and posted a video showing her mother staring at her reflection after very blonde and curly hair extensions – and it’s fair to say that’s not what she envisioned.


April Watson took to TikTok and shared a video of her mom wearing her new blonde hair extensions. Pictured, stock imageCredit: Getty
April's mom looks at a reflection of herself


April’s mom looks at a reflection of herself1 credit

In the clip, April shared a photo of the photo her mom found as inspiration, which showed a woman rocking a tight, curly hairstyle.

“So my mom wanted her hair like that and that’s how it turned out,” she explains.

However, April’s mother ended up with something very different – with many comparing her hair to Super Noodles.

At the end of the video, we can see the hair extensions thrown on the carpet.

In response to someone who asked, “Omg is she mad?”

April replied, “Yeah – it was out within 5 minutes.”

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While it’s unclear whether the extensions were ordered online or installed by a stylist, the post racked up 615,000 views and was inundated with comments from amused social media users online.

“Hilarious” wrote one.

A second joked: “It gives linguine.”

A third joked: “That’s giving Christina Aguilera marmalade.”

Meanwhile, a fourth joked: ‘Anyone seen my 23 packs of super chicken noodles?

Another asked, “Massive Justin Timberlake fan from the early 2000s?”

Another questioned: “What happened in the super noodles!”

And another added: “What happened in the Hagrid over there!? Wow!”

Hair extensions lasted no more than five minutes


Hair extensions lasted no more than five minutes1 credit

David R. Brewer