Who doesn’t love a cascade of hair falling over their shoulder, giving a voluminous and perfect hairstyle? Women have always been obsessed with long, healthy hair. However, for various reasons, most women are unable to grow naturally thick and voluminous hair. This leaves most women heartbroken, especially during weddings and other events. After all, a good hairstyle can make or break your whole look.

If you are one of those people with thin, lifeless hair, worry no more. With hair extension options like clip-ins and tape-in ​​hair extensions available in the market, your worries may soon be gone.

If you are wondering if you should buy clip-in hair extensions or invest in professional semi-permanent extensions, make no mistake, this article explains which would be the best option for you.

  1. Keep your needs in mind

Whether you choose clips or professional extensions depends on your needs. If you want to look effortless all the time, you should consider tape-in ​​extensions. These extensions are semi-permanent. The professional hairdresser will stick the extensions to your natural hair, avoiding the roots, to give you a harmless natural look.

However, if you are not comfortable with foreign objects sitting on your scalp and are looking for something to cover up for the upcoming wedding ceremony, or want a specific hairstyle for just one time, then you should opt for clips. .

  1. Your lifestyle choices

Are you a fashionista who is on your feet all the time? Or do you have an active lifestyle where you constantly sweat and dive into the water? Artificial hair can be damaged if not taken care of. If you are an active swimmer or sweat in your gym or cardio classes, you should opt for band extensions. These natural looking hair extensions can handle anything you can throw at them, only if you take care of them the same way.

Clips may slip when swimming or combing your hair. Therefore, choose the one that is compatible with your life choices.

  1. Are you good at engagement?

Professional hair extensions require commitment. If you can easily find the time to visit a salon and buy hair products made specifically for extensions, your extensions will last longer. You will need to take care of them gently and keep them detangled to prevent the extensions from getting clumpy.

If you are someone who does not have enough time to take care of your hair, then you should go for clips. You can use them whenever needed and remove them once you’ve completed the event.

  1. Keep expenses in mind

Finally, to decide whether to get professional extensions or clips, you need to measure their cost difference. Clips are cheaper because you only have to buy the extensions. You can place these extensions easily at home. You don’t need any expensive products to maintain these extensions.

Tape-in ​​extensions, on the other hand, require a professional hairstylist if you want them to sit naturally on your head. These extensions need to be supported if you want them to last longer.

David R. Brewer