Raise The Bar: 3 Ways to Style New Season Hair Accessories

With each new season comes renewed energy to update our fashion and beauty picks, most notably our hair accessory rotation.

The right hair accessories have the ability to bring an ensemble to life – whether it’s ultra-ornate or subtle and delicate – not to mention their practicality for keeping a style in place.

According to Greg Murrell, esteemed hairstylist and founder of Auckland-based salon Ryder, 2022 is the year to use hair accessories as a quick yet stylish way to bring some order and individuality to your hairstyle.

“There can be a beautiful juxtaposition between loose hair and an adornment. But maybe after all that [the pandemic] there will be a desire for a bit more glamour. Accessories can also work beautifully with straighter, more polished hair,” he says.

He adds that New Zealanders are tapping into their growing appetite to be more experimental with their overall look, including how they choose to accessorize their hair.

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“With all the challenges we have all been facing lately, it seems that certain rules or mores no longer apply. So maybe this is fertile ground for a more experimental period,” says Greg.

In this bespoke shoot created for Long livethe accessories of the French brand Sylvain le Hen combine with nonchalant styles to illustrate this high-low mix of Greg references.

Designed by Anthony Beaujault, the range of metallic and modernist hair accessories are curved in the shape of a head, merging form and function.

“As Sylvain le Hen Hair accessories are created by a hairdresser, they are perfectly sized and shaped to the shape of the head and the proportions really work. They’re beautifully designed but don’t look flashy,” says Greg.

A selection of Sylvain le Hen geometric accessories are now available on Rydersalon.com, in perfect sync with the launch of Ryder’s new brand identity and website.

Two years of preparation, Greg says, while the pandemic interrupted their schedule, it also gave him and his brand agency the opportunity to reflect and develop additional time.

“We wanted to create a synthesis of a personal services-based business with an online digital service, and marry those two elements seamlessly,” he says.

The rebranding isn’t the only exciting thing in the works for Ryder this year, with Greg teasing that some creative collaborations will soon come to life on Britomart’s new digital screens.

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“We’ve had Michael Parekowhai artwork in our storefronts before, so with this we want to continue to celebrate creativity and brighten up our corner of town,” he says.

Alongside Sylvain le Hen, expect to see a host of other exclusive and innovative new brands being added to Ryder’s online store soon, as well as snippets of advice on how to find the right hair care or accessories for your meet your unique hair needs.

Below, this simple step-by-step guide shows you how to create these chic looks from home.

LONG & LOOSE (above)

The va-va-voom volume and curved metal hair clips bring the fun factor with this tousled look.

Step 1: Create texture in the hair by inserting a wave using the Ghd Curve Thin Curling Wand, $290.

Step 2: Brush hair lightly using Denman Power Paddle Brush D38, $56.

Step 3: Then generously mist Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $76, for volume, texture and separation throughout the hair.

Step 4: Use your fingertips to part the hair so that the ends are a little loose.

Step 5: Creatively add hair clips like the Barrette Sylvain le Poule 021XS, $120, and the Barrette Sylvain le Poule 065XS, $140, to accessorize and decorate.


Easy and effortless, this chic, twisted style requires a large luxurious metal sliding comb to hold it in place, making it a great option whatever the weather.

Step 1: Apply Iles Formula Finishing Serum, $81, liberally to wet hair for shine, softness and heat protection, then blow dry using your hair dryer of choice and Denman brush Power Paddle D38, $56.

Step 2: Brush your hair back away from the face and gather it in the area between the crown and the nape of the neck.

Step 3: Keep twisting the hair with some tension until you can form a knot shape.

Step 4: Slide the tips of the Sylvain le Hen Haircomb Groom, $130, a little into the knot, then rotate the comb 180 degrees and secure it in the hair near the head to secure the knot.

Photo / Luke Foley-Martin


This sophisticated style calls for a double-up of golden curved hair clips that perfectly fit the contours of your ponytail.

Step 1: Spray R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray, $46, generously on your hair and dry it with your hands to achieve volume and texture.

Step 2: Part the top part of your hair loosely and work it back as if you were going to create a mini ponytail. Tie the Sylvain le Hen Barrette 047, $115, around this hair.

Step 3: Next, comb the remaining hair back and hold it at the nape of your neck.

Step 4: Place the top zone ponytail over this hair and use the Sylvain le Hen barrette 044, $140, to hold it in place.

Step 5: Pull out a few loose strands of hair to soften the look at the end.

Photo / Luke Foley-Martin

Photography / Luke Foley-Martin. Hair / Benjamin James for Ryder. Reconcile / Hanna Francesca. Styling / Krizden Edser for Ryde. Model / Isla Q by Unique Model Management.

DEALERS: Denman, Ghd, Iles Formula, Oribe, R+Co, Sylvain le Hen available at Ryder Salon, 56 Customs St E, Auckland, or online at Rydersalon.com

David R. Brewer